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Restless leg syndrome

Is there any connection between celiac disease and restless leg syndrome?

Celiac disease and Down syndrome

Are celiac disease and Down syndrome related?

Lack of symptoms following consumption of gluten

I was diagnosed with celiac disease just over a year ago. I accidentally ate a gluten-full muffin but I didn’t get sick. How is it possible that I never experienced even one symptom after eating them two days in a row? I now have to wonder, do I really have celiac disease?

Risk of cancer

What is my risk of cancer related to celiac disease?

Introducing gluten in baby’s diet

I have celiac disease and I am pregnant. When is the best time to expose my baby to gluten? How much gluten should they eat?

When to start the gluten-free diet?

I was just diagnosed but the holidays are coming up. Can I start the gluten-free diet after the craziness of the holidays and all the parties I have to go to?

Getting Involved in Research

How do I get involved in research to find a better treatment or cure for celiac disease?

Transitioning to College and Independent Living

How do I help my teenager cope with the transition to college and living on their own?

Convincing Teen to Prioritize Health

How do I convince my teenager to take their celiac disease seriously?

Choosing Nutritious Gluten-Free Meals & Snacks

Could you share with me some general guidelines for choosing nutritious meals and snacks while on the gluten-free diet? Or some examples?

Talking to doctor about teen’s medical records

Now that my child is a teen (or young adult), their doctor won’t talk with me about their health. I cannot see their test results. How can we handle that?

How does the ADA apply to airplane travel?

How does the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) apply to airplane travel? Do airlines need to provide GF meals and snacks if they are providing food to passengers? Do they need to allow passengers with celiac disease to carry food on board without incurring extra baggage fees?