Celiac Disease & Gluten-Free in the News

Lots of news came out of Digestive Disease Week, but the one topic that seems to be generating the most interest is about AMG714. Learn about this in this article: Experimental drug eases effects of gluten for celiac patients on gluten-free diet.  More articles about AMG714 may be found on MedScape or American Council on Science and Health.

A study conducted in Melbourne, Australia found that many gluten-free foods were not actually gluten-free. Read about it here or watch the podcast featuring one of the researchers here.

For celiac disease awareness month, Gluten-Free Watchdog Tricia Thompson posted relevant information every day of the month. Click here to read these posts. She covers many topics from product labeling to brewers yeast to FALCPA.

Here is an article disputing the theory that wheat breeding has caused gluten sensitivity. Real Clear Science also covers this topic.

Follow the tweets from the recent Canadian Celiac Association meeting here. Dr. Joseph Murray was one of the speakers.

This article looks at a possible link between eosinophilic esophagitis and celiac disease.

This Ask the Chef column answers questions about substitutes for milk in rice pudding, creating GF baking mixes, storing baking ingredients and more.