Celiac Awareness Day: September 13

Why do we celebrate celiac awareness day on September 13th? 

Dr. Samuel Gee was born in the UK on September 13, 1839. He wrote a paper titled On the Coeliac Affection in 1888 which described celiac disease and stated, "There is a kind of chronic indigestion which is met within persons of all ages, yet is especially apt to affect children between one and five years old." The paper continues "The causes of the disease are obscure. children who suffer from it are not all weak in constitution. Errors in diet may perhaps be a cause, but what error? Why, out of a family of children all brought up much the same way, should one alone suffer?"

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The paper recommends "To regulate the food is the main part of the treatment... The diet recommended may seem to be scanty, but we must never forget that what the patient takes beyond his power of digestion does harm." He concludes, "But if the patient be cured at all, it must be by means of diet."

To read a detailed history of celiac disease, see this newsletter from the University of Chicago Celiac Center.

Until there's a cure... there's NCA.

Many have struggled to understand the gluten-free diet and how to regain health after a diagnosis with celiac disease. NCA is here to help! We worry about things so you don't have to. We provide continuously updated resources for school, dining out, travel and more. We answer questions by phone and email. We collaborate with leading organizations such as Harvard Medical School's Celiac Research Program.

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