Celiac Awareness Month Promotions that Support NCA


Little GF Chefs is donating 10% of May sales to NCA. Little GF Chefs stated, "In recognition of the very important work the National Celiac Association does to support the celiac community, we are donating 10% of our May sales to their efforts. From nationwide support groups for children and families, to advocacy efforts, to working with food pantries to help food insecure families have access to gluten free food, we are proud to support the National Celiac Association."

NCA thanks Little GF Chefs for your support during Celiac Awareness Month!

MYBREAD Gluten Free Bakery is donating $1 from every online order during the month of May to NCA's Feeding Gluten-Free Program.

MYBREAD Gluten Free Bakery stated, "We stand by their mission to provide education and gluten-free food assistance to financially vulnerable individuals with a medical requirement to maintain a gluten-free diet."

NCA thanks MYBREAD Gluten Free Bakery for your support during Celiac Awareness Month!



In honor of Celiac Awareness Month, Pampered Chef representative, Debbie Kimball is throwing a fundraiser: 15% of all orders will be donated to NCA!
This is the direct link to place an order: https://bit.ly/3wbIUTx
All orders will ship directly to you within a week to 10 days. Please share the link with others who may be interested. There is a raffle for orders placed by Sunday night, May 16th, and orders must be placed by May 19th.

What is Pampered Chef? "Pampered Chef offers high quality products to make your life in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. They also carry delicious, certified, GF seasonings as well as GF protein, fiber, and vegetable supplements." ~ Debbie Kimball

NCA thanks Debbie and Pampered Chef for your support during Celiac Awareness Month!