Celiac disease and gluten-free in the news

A recent study explored biomarkers which might allow for a non-celiac gluten sensitivity diagnosis based on levels of microRNAs.

Researchers at the University of Chicago have built a better mouse model to help study CD.

Celiac disease may be connected with cognitive deficiencies such as deficits in reaction times, anxiety, depression, self harm and health-related unhappiness.

This research looks at the role of gut permeability and zonulin in the development of chronic inflammatory diseases.

This study looked at patient age at diagnosis as a predictor for successful transition of care.

Anokion announced patient dosing in their phase 1 clinical trial. 

Takeda recently purchased PvP Biologics, adding another celiac treatment to their pipeline.

The NY Times recently featured a GF chocolate chip cookie recipe.

A student with celiac disease filed a lawsuit against her university alleging that they fed her gluten. Students & parents, be sure to check out our tips and college survival guide!

This study finds that the incidence of CD is on the rise.

Celiac disease was found to be more common in Northern India than the Southern or North Eastern parts.

Her diagnosis with celiac disease helped this Olympic athlete.