Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free in the News

A recent study found that early introduction to gluten may reduce the risk of developing celiac disease. Learn more about this study published in JAMA. Science Daily also covered this.

This study found people with celiac disease do not have an increased risk of contracting COVID-19.

The Celiac Disease Genomic Environmental Microbiome & Metabolomic (CDGEMM) study follows infants from birth through childhood to learn more about each of the many factors that contribute to the development of celiac disease. The first results from the CDGEMM  study are available. Click here to read about this on MassGeneral Hospital for Children site or click here to read about this through the Microbiome Journal. Dr. Maureen Leonard, lead study author and clinical director at the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment at MassGeneral Hospital for Children summarized, "The important finding is that we can identify changes in the microbiome associated with underlying genetic and environmental factors in infants at risk of celiac disease even before gluten is ever introduced... This suggests that environmental exposures in early life may alter the trajectory towards developing celiac disease in children at risk, though further study is needed.”

Learn more from Dr. Maureen Leonard in this video:

Researchers at the University of Sheffield compared the mental health, cognitive function and brain scans of people with celiac disease and without. Click here to learn more about this study.

This small study found that people with celiac disease had no increased risk of COVID-19.

Dr. Maureen Leonard provides best practices for clinicians regarding diagnosis and management of celiac disease in cases where blood tests are negative.

NCA was proud to participate in USA Today's Family Health & Wellness Campaign.

Here is the digital article about gluten-free food insecurity and a family favorite recipe for GF pumpkin muffins!


The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics explains the difference between cross-contamination and cross-contact and provides food safety tips.

Gluten-Free Watchdog shares study findings about fries being cooked in a shared fryer with foods containing wheat. Here is the full white paper about this study.  Here is a a downloadable flier about it.

Gastroenterology has a pre-print of a research study at Columbia University that investigates the potential biological basis of non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Read it here.