Celiac Disease and Gluten Free in the News

Gluten-Free Watchdog addresses the question, "To eat or not to eat wheat starch-containing gluten-free DiGiorno pizza" here.

Researchers are looking at the use of monoclonal antibodies to treat celiac disease. Click here to learn more.

This study looked at the influence of a gluten-free diet on quality of life. Researchers found that food insecurity influences adherence to the gluten-free diet and health-related quality of life. Please support Feeding Gluten-Free so that we can continue to help people in the gluten-free community who are experiencing food insecurity.

Researchers have found that there is a high lifetime risk of developing celiac disease in Sweden. They estimate that 1.8% of the Swedish population will be diagnosed with celiac disease at some point in life, with a slightly higher percentage in women (2.3%) and lower in men (1.4%). Professor Jonas F Ludvigsson, one co-author of the study, stated "This once again demonstrates how common celiac disease is. That about 1 in 55 individuals in Sweden will be diagnosed with celiac disease underlines that this is truly a burden to society. Most researchers estimate that less than 50% of celiac patients receive a diagnosis so the true incidence and prevalence of celiac disease is likely even higher." Click here to read more about this study.  

GF cookbook author Carol Fenster, PhD is being inducted into the Colorado Authors' Hall of Fame on September 18th. She shares this exciting news and information about her retirement here.