Celiac Disease & Gluten-Free in the News

Researchers are working on a blood test to diagnose CD after a single exposure to gluten. More about this study may be found here.

The NIH has awarded a grant to ImmunogenX to conduct a phase 2 clinical study of the use of latiglutenase to reduce the burden of CD.

This Science Digest article discusses why people with CD react so quickly after eating gluten.

This study looks at the role of inflammation in schizophrenia and the possible role of a gluten-free diet for relief of some symptoms.

This article looks into why women get autoimmune diseases more frequently than men do.

Here is an interesting “medical mystery” – solved!

Some persistent myths about CD may be reviewed here.

An article about weight loss and weight gain on the GF diet may be found here.

The winner of the most recent Master Chef Junior competition cannot eat gluten. Learn more about this inspiring young chef.