May is celiac awareness month!

Special content on social media throughout the month of May!


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Throughout the month, we will be sharing advocacy tips and education. We started these tips clarifying, "who should be on my care team."

Each individual needs a well-rounded care team to be sure they are covering all aspects of this complex, but manageable, disease.
These guidelines are general, and we understand not everyone has the same access. Regardless of the provider, long-term monitoring, including an annual follow-up, is universally encouraged.
Primary Care Physician
Your PCP can provide annual blood tests to monitor celiac antibodies, your nutrient profile to check for deficiencies, as well as to assess your general health. They should also be able to help with specialist referrals as needed.
GI Specialist
A gastroenterologist will order blood tests and perform an endoscopy to diagnose you. They should monitor your progress through follow-up visits on a regular basis.
Registered Dietitian
An RD who is educated about celiac disease will be able to help you develop a nutrition treatment plan, educate you on the gluten-free diet, and help you with adherence - among other things!
Therapist, Social Worker, and Support Groups
Proper support from a therapist, and/or a social worker as well as support group will help manage the social, emotional and psychological burden of celiac disease that may include anxiety, depression, and social isolation.

Shine a light on celiac on International Celiac Awareness Day, May 16


NCA is once again joining the international team by lighting up buildings and bridges green (the international color for celiac disease awareness) on May 16th, International Celiac Awareness Day. 

Please visit to see all the countries and organizations working together on the advocacy movement for celiac disease awareness.