Product Alerts

Pike Place Smoked Salmon Chowder

This product has a Gluten-Free label on both the front and the back of the outside packaging but the interior packaging lists wheat in the contains statement. Click here for more information about this product alert.


Earthly Choice Lentil Trio

This certified GF product appears to contain many errant grains.  Click here to read about this product alert.

Grow Girl Hair Growth Supplement

This product is labeled "no gluten" but lists malt syrup as an ingredient.  Click here to read about this product alert.

General Mills Gluten Friendly Products

General Mills is developing "Gluten Friendly" products (brownie mix, frozen biscuit dough, biscuit mix and frozen baked brownie) designed for food service or catering. These are marked with "GF" as well as stating they are "Gluten Friendly." Click here to see the products and read the warning General Mills shares about them. Read more about this product line from Gluten-Free Watchdog. She is also compiling concerns to share with General Mills; send her an email with your concerns.

John McCambridge Bread Tin Bakery

This product from Ireland is also sold in the US through Amazon. It is being recalled following some testing showing results higher than 20ppm.  Click here to read more about this product recall.

Sticky Fingers Bakery Meyer Lemon Scones

Click here to read the  latest update on this product that is labeled gluten-free but contains wheat.