Product Recalls and Alerts

Several varieties of Rainbow Light vitamins are labeled Gluten-Free but also have the statement "Contains milk, soy, and wheat traces from enzyme fermentation media." This is not allowed. It has been reported to the FDA, and Gluten-Free Watchdog has reached out to Rainbow Light. Click here for more information about this product alert. Click here to read what the FDA has to say about gluten-free labeling of foods containing bacteria, enzymes, & yeast grown on gluten-containing media.

Two lots of Dole Sunflower Crunch Chopped Salad Kits were recalled due to possible undeclared allergens (wheat and tree nuts). Click here to read the full recall notice.

O Organics Plant Based Mushroom and Veggie Organic Burger Patties have been recalled due to having a false gluten-free claim on the label. These products contain wheat. Click here to read about this recall.