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Going Gluten-Free: Off to a Fresh Start!

This informative video presentation covers celiac disease & other gluten-related conditions - symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, complications, the gluten-free diet - foods allowed/not allowed, oats, hidden sources of gluten, reading labels and product research, lifestyle changes - emotional challenges, sharing a kitchen, eating out, traveling and other support and resources.

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Every month, we offer virtual support groups for adults and kids of all ages. Additionally, our nationwide support resources have  both virtual AND in-person events. Find an event online or near you!

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GF Kids

NCA is proud to run Raising Our Celiac Kids (ROCK). The ROCK website offers information for parents and caregivers, kids and teens, and clinicians. Be sure to check out the:

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All Things Celiac webinars

The National Celiac Association and the Harvard Medical School Celiac Research Program have co-hosted a series of 75-minute virtual meetings. All webinars are recorded; catch up on any that you may have missed now!

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