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Promising Novel Therapies for Celiac Disease

The recording from Research Roundup: Promising Novel Therapies for Celiac Disease is now available on the All Things Celiac page.

Jocelyn Silvester, MD, PhD, from Boston Children's Hospital; Amelie Therrien, MD, from the Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center (BIDMC); and Alessio Fasano, MD, from the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment, Massachusetts General Hospital, include highlights on current research for evidence-based medical treatments for celiac disease.

Lee Graham, executive director of NCA, introduced the webinar, and Ciarán Kelly, MD, medical director of the Celiac Center at BIDMC, moderated the session.

Gut Feelings

Alessio Fasano, MD, and Susie Flaherty discuss their new book, Gut Feelings, in this video from the Harvard Book Store.
Listen to Alessio Fasano, MD, and Susie Flaherty also discuss their new book in this podcast.

Nut Butter Crunch Cups

Teen volunteer Anna makes nut butter crunch cups in this video. You can also view the video and recipe on the ROCK website.