Product Recalls and Alerts

Gluten-Free Watchdog has posted several warnings recently. Please follow her to learn more. She writes about some Swanson broth that is labeled gluten-free but contains yeast extract (which may be made from spent brewer's yeast), Deutsche Küche Beer Bratwurst  that is labeled gluten-free but contains beer, Progresso Hearty Tomato or Creamy Tomato with Basil Soups, both versions have two labels that look identical and may be on shelves together - one is GF and labeled as such, but the other contains wheat; check the label before you purchase. She also warns about Organic Gondre Herb Rice, which is labeled gluten-free yet organic wheat (as a sub-ingredient of the soy sauce.)

Hodgson Mills has recalled GF Cookie Mix (UPC 07151802125 with Lot/Use By date of 12/20/19) due to an incorrect ingredient listing that includes amaranth flour and baking soda instead of baking powder and vanilla. Read about this here.

Lidl has recalled Bellona brand Milk Chocolate Flavored Coated Wafer with Hazelnut Crème Filling and White Chocolate Flavor confections because the allergen statement does not include wheat. Wheat flour is listed in the ingredients. Click here to read about it on the FDA website.

Sarap Asian Fusion has recalled Asian Fusion Cookies due to undeclared allergens of wheat, milk and soy. Click here to read about it on the FDA website.

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