Does gluten transfer to breastmilk?

My friend’s child, now over 2 and breastfeeding was just diagnosed with celiac disease. My friend would like to continue breastfeeding 2-3 times per day. Does she need to go gluten-free herself, does gluten transfer to breastmilk?

Finding a GF probiotic

What is the best gluten-free probiotic to take? I was diagnosed this last February and honestly don’t know how many live bacteria I should be using on a daily basis.

Can coffee cause stomach issues?

My mother has celiac disease and is strictly on a gluten-free diet, yet she still has some stomach issues. This week I started reading about different people and articles saying that coffee could be causing that, as some coffee’s might be cross-contaminated with gluten. Is that true? I can’t find any scientific articles to test this theory out, but what I do find is many people online who claim switching over from processed coffee grounds to coffee beans has significantly helped them. I know coffee itself is gluten free but is there any truth to this?