Cooking on a grill that previously had gluten on it

Katarina Mollo MEd, RDN, LDN
Q:  I saw the recent question on pots/pans, etc. but I have a question about grills - safety related to grilling out if the grill previously had something with gluten cooked on it?


Grilling and cookout season is finally in full swing, so this is a very timely question! When grilling, always make sure the grill surface is clean. Take the grill grid off and clean it using a scrubber with water and dish detergent solution, then rinse. Scrubbing the grill grid is not always possible, especially if you are at someone else’s house, so another alternative is to put down aluminum foil for cooking gluten-free items.

Other tips to stay gluten-free while grilling:

  • Cook gluten-free items separately from gluten-containing foods; it is best to make the gluten-free ones first to avoid cross-contact
  • Do not use utensils interchangeably between foods, always use separate utensils like tongs and spatulas
  • Make sure to check the labels for gluten-free status of all sauces, marinades and condiments used – squeeze bottles are great for condiments and avoid issues with “double dipping”
  • Beware of crumbs from gluten-containing hotdog and burger buns and keep them separate from gluten-free foods
  • Serve gluten-free foods on a separate clean plate
  • Always wash hands in between handling gluten-containing foods and handling gluten-free foods

Reviewed October 21, 2022.

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