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Katarina Mollo MEd, RDN, LDN
Q: My mom has celiac disease and is 91, can she take the vaccination against Covid?


From what we currently know, there does not seem to be an increased risk for adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccination for those with celiac disease. However, your mother should discuss with her doctor/healthcare provider if vaccination is right for her based on her medical history.

The Society for Study of Celiac Disease which is comprised of prominent celiac specialists and researchers say this about celiac disease and COVID-19 vaccination:

“As the safety and efficacy data on Covid vaccination has emerged, there is no evidence to suggest that people with celiac disease would be more prone to an adverse effect of vaccination. Celiac disease is not considered an allergy, and by itself does not prompt additional precaution when proceeding with vaccination. Patients with concerns about vaccination and their particular circumstance should speak with their health care provider. We will undergo Covid-19 vaccination as soon as it is offered to us, and we urge our patients to do so.”

You can read the full statement here:

Also, here is a helpful video by Dr. Alessio Fasano from the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment where he explains about the different Covid-19 vaccines, including safety and effectiveness:

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