Is gluten ingestion damage permanent?

Melinda Dennis MS, RDN, LDN
Q: With celiac disease, when I ingest gluten and it affects me days later, is it possible for the damage to heal or is it permanent? I’ve heard both in passing and I’ve been nervous that my ingestion over the past few years has affected more than just my intestines and I know my skin has the effects of gluten ingested and I just was wondering about it.


Good news! The villi (cells lining the small intestine) are not permanently damaged in celiac disease. In fact, the cells in the intestinal wall regenerate every 72 hours as long as they are not being exposed to gluten. The amount of time it takes for the villi to heal, however, depends on the person, how long they have had celiac disease, and the amount of damage to the villi. For most people, the intestine is expected to recover over a period of weeks to months on a strict gluten-free diet. For others, it may take years for the villi to fully recover.

Celiac disease is known as an extra-intestinal disease, meaning that it affects more than just our small intestine. It can also negatively affect other parts of the body, such as our liver, bones, and skin. Continuous exposure to gluten in people with celiac disease can lead to severe small intestinal damage (complete loss of villi) which, in turn, can lead to malabsorption, bone loss, nutritional deficiencies, and other conditions and diseases. The only known treatment for celiac disease is a strict gluten-free diet and carefully following the gluten-free diet is the best and only way to take care of our bodies and our long-term health.

Reviewed September 16, 2022

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