Gastroenterologists who specialize in celiac disease

Melinda Dennis MS, RDN, LDN
Q: Is there a state by state register that lists gastroenterologists who specialize in celiac disease?


A few of the national support/advocacy groups and organizations maintain links to listings of clinicians specializing in gluten-related disorders.

National Celiac Association. Where to Find a Doctor or Dietitian:

Beyond Celiac. Find a Doctor.
Beyond Celiac partners with Amino and uses their doctor-finder functionality:

Celiac Disease Foundation Healthcare Practitioner Directory:

The Gluten Intolerance Group recommends that patients contact gastroenterologists and ask questions that will help assess the comfort level with the physician, do online reviews of the physician, and ask others in their gluten-free network who they recommend.

I suggest that individuals contact their local celiac support group and ask for the contact information of the nearest medical celiac center or for local specializing clinicians they recommend. And then do your research based on your own unique needs and preferences.

These listings of health care practitioners are provided for convenience only, and are not an endorsement of the practitioners, and NCA, Delete the Wheat, and Melinda Dennis do not endorse the websites or their lists of practitioners, nor any of the practitioners on the lists.  Rather, the information is provided as a public service.  Each individual should do their own diligence and select a practitioner who best suits their needs based on that diligence.
Reviewed and updated October 4, 2022.

Note: This information is provided by NCA and Melinda Dennis, NCA's Senior Consulting Dietitian. This information is meant for educational purposes and is not intended to substitute for personalized medical advice or replace any medical advice provided directly to you by your health care provider. This information can be printed and used in consultation with your physician or dietitian. No liability is assumed by NCA, Ms. Dennis or her nutrition consulting service Delete the Wheat, LLC. by providing this information..

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About Melinda Dennis MS, RDN, LDN

Melinda Dennis, Senior Nutrition Consultant for NCA, is an expert celiac dietitian and and Nutrition Coordinator for the Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA. Diagnosed with celiac disease in 1990, she specializes in the nutritional treatment of patients with celiac disease and gluten-related disorders.

Melinda lectures internationally and has written extensively on the nutritional management of celiac disease including the award-winning book Real Life with Celiac Disease. Melinda was the original founder of NCA in 1993 and so it is only fitting that she comes back to us in this capacity. We are truly honored to have her on our team.