Relation between celiac disease and thyroid problems?

Melinda Dennis MS, RDN, LDN
I was just in a support group online and asked how many had celiac disease and thyroid problems. Within 45 minutes I had just as many say both. I was shocked! Is this normal to have both?


Both celiac disease and thyroid disease are autoimmune diseases (the body mistakenly attacks its own cells). They are closely related to one another and to other autoimmune diseases, such as type 1 diabetes, Sjogren’s syndrome, autoimmune hepatitis, and Rheumatoid arthritis, etc. When a person has one autoimmune disease, it is common to develop another in his/her lifetime. Approximately 2-5% of patients with autoimmune thyroid disorders have celiac disease, due to common genes (HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8) 1,2.  Currently there is no universal recommendation to screen asymptomatic individuals even in populations in which the prevalence of celiac disease is high. However, there is widespread agreement on the need to test for diagnosis or exclusion of celiac disease in anyone with signs or symptoms.3

At this time, there is little data to suggest that the gluten-free diet reduces the chance of developing associated autoimmune disorders in a person with celiac disease. Early diagnosis and the gluten-free diet do reduce complications such as malabsorption and improve the absorption of drugs.1


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Reviewed September 26, 2022.

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