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The results below are from compiled recommendations from those in the community. While steps are taken to ensure the restaurant's safety, as always, it is up to the individual to ensure their own safety every time when dining out. The National Celiac Association is not responsible for these restaurants.

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3944 S. Ranch Road 620, BLDG 6 Bee Cave, TX 78738
3944 Ranch Road 620 South Bee Cave Texas 78738 US
(512) 599-4009(512) 599-4009

Elle’s Cafe & Coffee provides a fine fast casual menu focused on elevating healthy food. Too often, healthy meals are an afterthought, offering nutrients but not flavor. We cultivated both delicious and healthy selections, excluding most added sugars, dairy, and all gluten. The menu is formulated to please the foodie in you without neglecting your well-being. Alongside the cafe, we offer a variety of coffee, tea, cold case items and a growing list of gluten-free pastries!

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(512) 599-4009
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