The National Celiac Association and MEND Hunger have partnered together to address the critical and unmet need for gluten-free food assistance during disaster situations in the United States.  

Did you know that in 2021, the United States experienced 20 weather or climate-related disasters that each resulted in at least $1 billion in damages? Source

People with celiac disease or gluten-related conditions face unique and difficult hurdles in order to access safe, gluten-free food during a disaster. Here are just a couple of testimonials from those helped during last year's pilot of this program after hurricane Ida.
"It helped us get foods that we could not get access too and still do not have much access to after the storm. I really appreciate this box and it has helped me and my family significantly. Thank you so much."

"Y'all helped me and my family get through Ida. Whenever there’s a disaster like that going on, there are MRE supply points and such but the people with allergies aren't taken as greatly into consideration and it can be harder to get help but y'all did and I really appreciate what y'all are doing, and im sure many others do too - sending love from LA ❤️"

I live in New Orleans and evacuated to Florida from Hurricane Ida. We are hoping to be able to go back home in the next couple of days, but I cannot afford to replace the foods I lost by losing power, and I'm not sure how much food will be available for us to have over the next few weeks to months of recovery.

Tips to Help Prepare for a Disaster

Here are some tips about what food to pack in a disaster kit:

  • All food items need to be shelf-stable
  • Select items that are nutrient dense and calorie packed
  • Ready-to-eat items are ideal as they may not require use of utilities such as electricity
  • For kids, try to pack items they are familiar with
  • Don't forget the manual can opener
  • Store food in a waterproof and easily manageable container/s so that you can travel with it if necessary
  • Review and update supplies as necessary
For more information, read Staying GF Safe in a Disaster Situation.

For general information about disaster preparedness, visit the following websites:, and

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