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We exist for you and others like you to help you live your best self every day. From childhood straight through to thriving as a senior, NCA and our programs are here to help you thrive while living with celiac disease or a gluten-related condition.

Thank you so much for being such a great resource and safe space. I really love the NCA support groups. I’ve met a very good friend through the group and we chat almost every day. Before finding NCA, I felt very alone and isolated. Now, I have the tools I need to succeed.

Juliette, Tennessee/New York

With more clients needing GF your continued partnership is making more of these families get the right food at home in turn making them stay healthier favorite thank you again for years of support.

Cherylann, Project Just Because Food Bank

One of the best things I discovered was the NCA…It was wonderful to have my first conversation with someone who has CeD and completely understood everything I was going through…I have learned so much REAL information from [the NCA] meetings…I have seen how invaluable support from others is and how it continues to strengthen my ability to handle loss and change in my life.

C. W., Alabama

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