Feeding Gluten Free

A little girl taking a box of gluten-free food with her mother.

Did you know that 1 in 6 people with celiac disease faces food insecurity?

Feeding Gluten Free addresses an unmet need in a way that has never been done before, by improving education and access to gluten-free food in food banks and pantries around the nation.

This program coordinates donations of GF food to where the known need is, pays for shipping of these donations, as well as purchases GF food when necessary. We also work with individuals to help identify local resources, how to prepare affordable GF meals and snacks and ways to maximize their grocery budget.

NCA is proud to work with Dr. Schar, who is a champion supporter of the Feeding GlutenFree program.

In one of the most stressful times of our lives, we had wonderful help and support from the whole team [at NCA]. We will never be able to express how thankful we are that you guys are out there looking out for all of us.

Jessica H., Washington State

Resources and Budget Tips

There are many alternative ways to utilize potential resources available in order to adapt to living with celiac disease and the high cost of the gluten-free diet. Here are just a few:

Maximize Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits:

  • They can cover many naturally gluten-free items including fresh vegetables and produce, not just in the grocery store, but at local farmers markets which may yield more affordable and nutritious options. Inquire at your farmer’s market.
  • People may qualify for additional funding depending on their medical expenses. For more information about maximizing medical deduction expenses, visit ncoa.org/article/snap-medical-expense-deduction
  • To view SNAP eligibility requirements and FAQs, visit : fns.usda.gov/snap/recipient/eligibility

Access mini pantries (mapping.littlefreepantry.org) and Freedges (freedge.org/locations): These are small drive-by refrigerators or community boxes where contributions of all kinds are made. While gluten-free food is not guaranteed, some naturally gluten-free items may be available. These resources are located all around the country. One word of caution is that these are not regulated for food safety, although many/most are run to high standards.

Look for a food rescue organization. More and more organizations are being established to rescue food that is perfectly safe to eat, but is being thrown out for various reasons such as appearance. Many naturally gluten-free food items are rescued and are sold at more affordable prices. One such organization is Flashfood (flashfood.com).

Utilize pantries & food banks for what they DO have. Many food pantries and food banks report that while they cannot offer packaged gluten-free food items like bread, cereal, pasta, etc., they are able to offer naturally gluten-free food such as fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy products as well as household and personal items. Accessing those items from the food pantry may free up the budget to allow for purchases of gluten-free bread, pasta, or cereal.

Don’t forget about discount stores. Many discount grocery stores sell gluten-free items at significantly lower prices. It can be hit-or-miss, and some products may have short-dated codes, however, many of these items can go straight into the freezer to extend the shelf-life and stretch the budget.

Search for a Pantry with GF Food

There is a growing need for access to gluten-free food. Not all food pantries are able to provide for this medically necessary diet. Please search below for a food pantry near you that may be able to help.

Please note: We recommend that you contact the food pantry in advance to make sure that you will be able to access the food you need. Some pantries require you to be a resident of a certain area, some may require a doctor’s note stating that you have a medical need for GF food or there may be other restrictions in place.

This organization offers fresh produce and other naturally gluten-free items. They also hold spec...
Gluten-free items are set aside and saved for people who need them. Mention gluten-free needs to ...
Franklin, MA, USA
Adding more gluten-free products for clients.
Gluten-free products regularly supplied (weekly receive GF bread, monthly receive GF pasta and GF...
Owasso, OK, USA
They receive fresh fruit and veggies every day; someone can come in once a week and say they need...
North Brookfield, MA, USA
When they receive gluten-free items, they set them aside for people who need them.
Their only requirement is that people are residents of Washington County, RI.  For a gluten-free ...
Newton, MA, USA
They have many who need gluten-free food and have the resources to keep it separate for those who...
Cherry Hills Village, CO, USA
(303) 947-3944(303) 947-3944
They are able to offer naturally gluten-free foods and some dedicated gluten-free items. They wan...
They are able to regularly offer fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts/seeds, eggs, milk, other d...
Family Food Connections is currently open to: patient families from Boston Children’s at Martha ...
Swanton, VT, USA
(802) 868-4262(802) 868-4262
This organization keeps gluten-free food separate for those who need it. Ask to speak with Carlot...
They have a section where they keep gluten-free options and are sensitive to the needs of clients...
Greenwood, SC, USA
This organization can accept and keep food separate for those who need GF food.
They regularly serve gluten-free food to those to need it. Please contact them for more details.
They are able to keep gluten-free food separate for those who need it. Contact them for more deta...
They have the ability to keep gluten-free food separate for those who need it. Contact them for m...
Will keep gluten-free food separate for those who need it. Please contact them for more details.
Distributes food to their district and can connect individuals who need help with the best connec...
Kingston, NY, USA
Will separate gluten-free food for those who need it.
Grove City, OH, USA
They are able to accept donations of GF food and keep them for those who need them.
Fort Bragg, CA, USA
This food bank is able to accept gluten-free donations and keep them for those who need them. The...
Chicago, IL, USA
Is able to accept and label donations as gluten-free for their agencies.
This organization is able to accept donations of gluten-free food as well as segregate and keep t...
West Roxbury, MA, USA
They state that they have gluten-free items regularly and always have naturally gluten-free items.
They have a separate shelf for gluten-free items as well as can offer many naturally gluten-free ...
Bridgeton, MO, USA
This food bank is able to accept gluten-free food donations and label them as such for those who ...
This food pantry is able to accept donations of gluten-free food and has a separate area to place...
Evansville, IN
This food bank is able to accept gluten-free donations and label them as such for those in need.
Geneva, IL, USA
This location serves many agencies; can accept gluten-free food and label it as such in their sys...
This facility is aware of the needs of the gluten-free diet. They are able to separate GF food an...
Fredericksburg, VA, USA
They are able to accept gluten-free food and keep it for those who need it.
Has full knowledge of the GF diet and regularly supplies GF food.
They are aware of the needs of those who need gluten-free food assistance and safely keep gluten-...
Providence, RI
(401) 781-4242(401) 781-4242
They serve many who need gluten-free food.
Worcester, MA
They can serve GF food and have some regularly. Must present ID for proof of residence in certain...
They are very aware of the gluten-free diet and save gluten-free food for those who need it.
Hutchinson, KS
(620) 663-3353(620) 663-3353
They are able to accept gluten-free food and save it for those who need it.  
They are very familiar with the gluten-free diet and regularly serve gluten-free food to those in...
Project Just Because has taken over the Gluten-Free Food Bank for Massachusetts. They will serve ...
Columbia, MD, USA
This organization solely serves gluten-free and allergy friendly foods.
White River Junction, Hartford, VT, USA
They regularly serve those who need gluten-free food.
They are able to save gluten-free food donations for those who need it. Serving the following zip...
They are aware of the need for gluten-free food. Inquire for details.
Keene, NH, USA
They regularly serve gluten-free food to those who need it.
San Diego, CA, USA
They regularly supply gluten-free food to those who need it.
This resource serves many people who require the GF diet.
4701 N Westport Avenue Sioux Falls, SD 57107-0123
They regularly receive and categorize food as gluten-free.
Portsmouth, NH, USA
They are aware of gluten-free dietary needs and set food aside for those who need it as it become...
Owensville, IN, USA
(812) 729-7319(812) 729-7319
Gluten-free food assistance can be offered if phone call is placed ahead of time.
Bloomington, IN, USA
They label food gluten-free when it comes in for the 100+ food pantries they serve.
133 W. Broadway | Meridian, ID 83642
There is a separate gluten free box with gf products available for those that need it.
View our Food Assistance List (by city, town and village) or search their map to find a location ...
Albuquerque, NM, USA
Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico operates a distribution hub and staff offices in Albuquerque. ...
1500 Northwest 1st Court, Boca Raton, FL 33432, USA
Our Gluten Free Pantry Bag Program is open to qualifying Palm Beach County residents. In partners...
15455 W Dixie Hwy, North Miami Beach, FL 33162, USA
We are appointment only; please call before visiting.
Los Angeles, CA, USA
This food bank distributes to many different pantries in the area.
Columbia, MD 21046, USA
The S.A.F.E. – Supplying Allergy Friendly and Emergency – Food Pantry is an all-volun...
Cuyahoga Falls, OH, USA
The Celiac and Allergy Friendly Food Initiative (CAFFI) is a nonprofit organization, established ...
9385 Gerwig Lane, Columbia, MD, USA
While our service delivery at the Howard County Food Bank is typically rooted in client-choice, b...
300 East 39th Street, Kansas City, MO 64111, USA
Our mission is to improve health and end hunger in individuals diagnosed with food allergies and ...
361 High Street, Souderton, PA 18964, USA
Our mission is to provide special dietary foods (gluten free, heart healthy, diabetic friendly, f...
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We are so grateful for our corporate supporters, listed below. Our thanks go to the Celiac Centers at BIDMC & MGH, Tricia Thompson from the Gluten Free Watchdog, and Abby Kelly from Wicked Gluten Free for their generous efforts.