Gluten-Free Food Program

Provides establishments with the framework for consistent delivery of safe gluten-free food by providing training, standards, best operating practices and third-party verification audits. GFFP is the only certification program for the food service and hospitality sector that is endorsed by the National Celiac Association, Canadian Celiac Association and la Fondation québécoise de la maladie coeliaque Association. We help committed operators grow their business by marketing their efforts to the gluten-free community.

Provides the consumers with easily identifiable and recognizable brand marks. GFFP USA and GFFP Inc helps consumers find safer, more reliable gluten-free options when dining out.

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Gluten-Free Food Program Online Training

The Gluten-Free Food Program is pleased to announce the launch of our new GF-Smart training program for the food service and hospitality sector.

The GF-Smart program is designed to improve the dining out options available for people with a gluten related medical disorder. The training will arm food service and hospitality employees with standardized professional training and best practices to deliver safe gluten-free food with confidence. For food service and hospitality operators, GF-Smart functions as a strategic business partner by standardizing food handler training, thereby improving customer service, fostering staff engagement and reducing the risk of negative publicity.

Learning Objectives

  • What is gluten: where does gluten come from; how to check that ingredients are free from gluten; and how to reduce the use of gluten containing ingredients for menu items.
  • What does gluten-free mean: what are the regulatory requirements for any establishment advertising gluten-free menu items; what can be called gluten-free; the importance of each step from field to table to ensure the meal remains gluten-free.
  • Preparing gluten-free food: what is cross-contamination; where cross-contamination can occur; how to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Serving and communicating; how to communicate with the customer about your establishment’s gluten-free process; how to communicate with the kitchen when placing a gluten-free order; how to pick up the correct order and deliver it to the customer.
  • Management Commitment: To understand the market potential of providing safe gluten-free meals; the importance of the gluten-free customer; why it is important to have a process in place to protect your customer and your brand; how to work within a gluten-free framework to ensure consistent and safe delivery of gluten-free food daily.

The Canadian Society for Nutrition Management (CSNM), the national association representing Food and Nutrition Managers across Canada, has adopted GF-Smart as part of their member curriculum. “Gluten-free diets, the safe procurement of food for these special diets, and most critical, the teaching and providing direction to our staff who work with gluten-free clients, are among the many facets of responsibilities of which our members endure daily. We are thrilled to partner with GFFP to offer the GF-Smart program to our members, and even more excited to include this course as part of CSNM’s Continuing Education Program, worth 1 Continuing Education (CE) credit for our members.” Dave Lebert, CSNM Continuing Education Chair.

GF-Smart training is free for all of our establishments and is an important part of the GF-Dedicated and GF-Verified certification process.