Meal Preparation Guidelines For Food Service Providers for Seniors

NCA did a training for the National Resource Center on Nutrition & Aging on celiac disease and how to prepare gluten-free meals. The aim was to increase awareness and knowledge for foodservice staff serving seniors in various environments. The slides can be accessed in two parts here:

GF Meal Prep Guidelines For Food Services

In addition to avoiding wheat, barley, rye and contaminated oats when serving someone who follows a gluten-free (GF) diet, it is essential to avoid all contact with gluten.

  • Train all staff in GF procedures and re-train whenever there is a change in staffing or management.
  • Assign one staff member to prepare GF meals at each shift.
  • Where possible, establish a dedicated GF station in the kitchen.
  • Clean all surfaces, including counters and cooking surfaces, before preparing GF food.
  • Staff should wash hands, re-glove and wear a clean apron before starting a GF order.
  • Read all labels to determine GF status of ingredients used.
  • Use clean equipment, utensils and tools. Using dedicated color-coded equipment preferred.
  • Difficult to clean items e.g. colander, sieve, toaster, etc. MUST be dedicated.
  • Use aluminum foil when toasting or grilling on non-dedicated equipment.
  • Cook GF items separately in the oven and turn convection feature off.
  • Use a dedicated fryer with clean oil when deep frying.
  • Do not steam or warm vegetables in pasta water or over pasta pots.
  • Store GF items separate from and above gluten-containing foods.
  • Serve GF food on different shaped or colored plate.
  • Clearly mark containers and bags, if delivering.