November 2023 NCA News

Hi everyone,

As the old saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun.” Well, if that’s true, I must be having a blast! To me, it seems like yesterday when I started my work with the National Celiac Association in late August. And now, we’re starting to talk about the holidays, and unfortunately, for many of us, the anxiety that comes along with this time of year.

NCA recognizes that people in our celiac and gluten-free community can face multiple challenges when it comes to their mental wellness. We want to provide a forum for you to talk about your well-being, so we are hosting the “Addressing Anxiety Before Your Holiday Celebrations” webinar on Thursday, November 16th at 7pm ET. Dr. Deena Abbe will be joining to talk about challenges faced during the holiday season and will answer questions about your personal wellness. 

We talk more about mental wellness in this month’s Ask the Expert section of the newsletter, addressing questions about social anxiety outside your home and at the workplace. We also share with you in this edition information about an upcoming educational webinar with the Harvard Medical School Celiac Research and Education program, and a wonderfully easy recipe for sweet potato pie.

I’m so looking forward to having you join the Addressing Anxiety Before Your Holiday Celebrations webinar on the 16th. It is an important topic to address, and we are proud to start the discussion with you. Enjoy this issue of NCA News, and don’t blink – or it will be Spring Break before we know it!

Stronger Together,

Chris Rich, CEO/Executive Director

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