February 2024 NCA News


Quick… what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of February? When you start to ponder it, there are several things that could pop into your head. February is a month where we celebrate our past (President’s Day), our culture (Black History Month), and even our health (American Heart Month). We even pin our hopes for a change in the season to a large rodent during this shortest month of the year. But I’m guessing that many of you thought about Valentine’s Day first. And why wouldn’t you? As soon as the Christmas decor was leaving the retail stores, heart shaped boxes and stuffed animals filled the void. I’m joking…maybe.

Valentine’s Day is when we celebrate love and the joys in our lives that make us feel special. Whether it be a person, place, or thing, we all have something that, when we think about it, puts a little extra bounce in our step. For me, friends and family top the list but there are also little things that I love that make me happy. One example: birthdays. I’m a huge believer in celebrating your birthday to the fullest, no matter your age. It’s your special day so why not give it everything you got? Another example is helping people. I don’t do what I do just because it keeps me from being bored. I truly love helping others, listening to their journey, and showing them that I believe in who they are. 

This edition of NCA News touches on both of these things that give me a boost. We talk about your birthday (yes, it’s a big deal) and how you can set up a fundraiser on social media to celebrate you and this community that you are a part of. Speaking of the community, you will also find that we have revamped our Advocacy page to better showcase all of the opportunities that you have to help others. Seeing this many efforts for the betterment of those that I am in touch with every day makes my heart happy. 

Thank you for being you. Have a wonderful February and know that we love that you are a part of our NCA family. 

Stronger Together,

Chris Rich, CEO/Executive Director