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  • BIG NEWS THIS MONTH!  NCA is proud to have helped develop the language of a Bill proposed to the Congressional floor on April 3, 2019.  H.R. 2074, The Gluten in Medicine Disclosure Act of 2019 was introduced by Representatives Tim Ryan (D-OH) and Tom Cole (R-OK).  If passed, this Bill will mandate that gluten be labeled on medications, helping all those in the gluten-free community. Please support this Bill by calling or writing to your local representatives. For more information, visit  
  • Do you have unanswered general nutrition questions about the gluten-free diet and lifestyle? Our dietitians are happy to answer your general nutrition questions about celiac disease. Please submit questions that are applicable to a general gluten-free audience. We regret that personal clinical questions (medical history, labs, supplements, etc.) cannot be addressed. Time allowing, every effort will be made to answer all submitted questions.  Click Here to Ask a Question This month's answered questions: What should I do if I follow a strict gluten-free diet but still feel unwell? How frequently should I see a registered dietitian and why? Can a person with
  • Science and Research News Alessio Fasano, MD, Daniel Leffler, MD and others share their thoughts on celiac disease research and treatment. Read about a new breath test which could be used to detect gastrointestinal damage. A trial participant in the Nexvax 2 clinical trial shares her experience. Learn about the background behind the Nexvax 2 study. Read the full Cell article or the University of Chicago's summary regarding findings that celiac disease permanently reshapes immune cells in the intestine. A new study finds that celiac disease may be a risk factor for severe vitamin D deficiency. Read about a new
  • Register now to attend or view the livestream of Beyond Celiac's 3rd Annual Research Symposium. The symposium will begin at 6:30 pm on May 30. Marie Robert, MD will serve as the moderator, and featured speakers will be Joseph Murray, M.D., of The Mayo Clinic, Sonia Kupfer, M.D., of University of Chicago, and Linda S. Deal, M.S., of Pfizer. Watch a webinar titled Gluten-Free Diet: Who, When and How after registering with the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians. Australian researchers are working on creating a gluten-free barley.
  • What's Happening Near You? Find an Event: Visit our Events Page to see other upcoming events around the nation. There are monthly meetings, informational events,  potluck meals, Expos and more coming up across the nation. Post an Event: Know about an event that we aren't aware of and want to share it with others? Add it to the calendar or send us an email. Looking for support? Find support in your area. We have chapters, local partners and resource people in many states!
  • The lights, the glamour and the bustling vibe of this iconic city are not the only thing you can look forward to while visiting New York City. I was blown away by the number of options for 100 percent gluten-free establishments. You will be able to find a nice place to eat gluten-free all over the city. Whether you are visiting a Broadway show, seeing the Empire State building or strolling through Times Square there are many spots to check out while you are sight-seeing.  There are many different restaurants and bakeries in New York City, so you can find
  • Watch a news video about the Gluten-Free Food Program. Visit the new gf-finder website to find certified products and restaurants. Suggest a restaurant or establishment you think should get certified.
  • Kids love this recipe as much as grown-ups! You can even use the leftovers for lunch the next day. Try taco cups today!