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  • Do you have unanswered general nutrition questions about the gluten-free diet and lifestyle?Melinda Dennis is NCA’s Senior Dietitian Consultant and is happy to answer them. Look for answers on the website and in the following month’s e-newsletter. Click Here to Ask a Question This month's answered questions: Wheat grass juice and barley grass in supplementsOctober 3, 20181. Is wheatgrass juice safe for people with celiac disease? 2. Do you know what barley grass is? Celiac genesOctober 3, 2018If a person does not have the celiac genes, can celiac disease be ruled out? QuinoaOctober 3, 2018Do you have any patients reacting
  • Halloween is coming, and with it, there is a lot of candy around. If your child cannot have gluten and/or if you would like to provide safe gluten-free treats for trick-or-treaters this Halloween, please visit the links below to view various Gluten-Free Halloween candy lists. Did you know that only the 1.55 oz Hershey bars are GF and not the mini or fun sizes? Did you know that the seasonally shaped treats such as Reese's pumpkins are not GF?  GF Candy List 1 GF Candy List 2 GF Candy List 3 GF Candy List 4 Note: Since ingredients and manufacturing processes
  • Gluten-Free Watchdog has posted several warnings recently. Please follow her to learn more. She writes about some Swanson broth that is labeled gluten-free but contains yeast extract (which may be made from spent brewer's yeast), Deutsche Küche Beer Bratwurst  that is labeled gluten-free but contains beer, Progresso Hearty Tomato or Creamy Tomato with Basil Soups, both versions have two labels that look identical and may be on shelves together - one is GF and labeled as such, but the other contains wheat; check the label before you purchase. She also warns about Organic Gondre Herb Rice, which is labeled gluten-free yet organic wheat
  • This article discusses a possible new product being developed that may alleviate celiac symptoms. ImmusanT provided this update on the Nexvax2 vaccine. Here is an update from ImmunogenX on the CypCel trial. This article discusses that a maternal diet high in gluten during pregnancy may impact the child's risk of developing Type 1 diabetes. A recent radio segment where a bakery employee admitted to telling customers that products were gluten-free when they actually contained gluten caused quite an uproar in St. Louis. Listen to a followup here. Here is a recent news story about a father who created an app to
  • Visit Gluten-Free Philly's site to learn about new GF products including Snyder's GF pretzel rods,  Trader Joe's frozen pizza crusts made from butternut squash or spinach & kale and legume pasta from Barilla. Gluten-Free and More has a list of new GF products featuring San-J GF tamari crackers, Annie's GF cheddar bunnies, Schar Gluten-Free puff pastry and more. If you try a new product and would like to share it with others, let us know!
  • It is our 25th Birthday! Since 1993, we have been supporting, educating and advocating for those with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. To celebrate, we are giving *you* gifts! One lucky member will have an extra year added to his or her NCA membership on the 25th day of each month in 2018. The August winner is Leigh M. of New Haven, CT. Congratulations, Leigh!! We are also giving away free memberships through social media. This month's winner is Stephen K. Like and follow us today for your chance to win: Facebook Instagram Twitter
  • Beyond Celiac's Research Symposium will be held on October 10, 2018 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Click here to register to attend in person or to view the livestream. The Celiac Project Podcast has new episodes on extra-intestinal symptoms of celiac disease in children, the Nima sensor, gluten-free food as a health food and more. Click here to listen.
  • A new clinical trial is being conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.This study is being done in patients with celiac disease to find markers in the blood and changes in the intestine in response to gluten exposure, after a patient has been eating gluten free for an extended period. This study may allow us to discover tools that can be used to find new treatments for patients with celiac disease.You may be eligible if you are ages 18 to 75, have biopsy confirmed celiac disease and eat a strict gluten free diet and are otherwise