Pennsylvania Senator Amanda M. Cappelletti and Representative Mary Jo Daley highlight legislation to require that gluten be labeled in food and medicine. Click here to learn more.

Food Safety magazine shared this article based on a study conducted in Germany that examined the extent of gluten migration from six different food contact materials into a variety of liquid and solid foods. 

This study found that celiac disease was not associated with type 2 diabetes risk.

This article questions, Should We All Copy Italy and Screen Kids for Celiac Disease?

This article discusses Navigating gluten-related disorders: bridging gaps in understanding and management.

Dr. Alessio Fasano was a guest on the Celiac Project Podcast. Watch or listen to him speak with the hosts about research, clinical trials, future treatments, the role of the microbiome, and more.

Dr. Alessio Fasano also discussed celiac disease, zonulin, and The Celiac Disease Genomic Environmental Microbiome and Metabolomics Study on STEM Talk. Click here to listen.

A poster presentation at Digestive Disease Week stated that obesity is common among people with celiac disease. This article provides more information.

This study explored the association between microscopic colitis and celiac disease. The authors stated, “By examining prevalence, risk factors, potential connections, impact on mortality, and hospitalization length, this research contributes to a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms… Ultimately, these findings aid in the development of more targeted treatments for both diseases.”