The Society for the Study of Celiac Disease published new recommendations for vaccines for people with celiac disease.

The journal pre-proof titled The Economic Iceberg of Celiac Disease: More than the Cost of Gluten-Free Food highlights the complex and multifactorial extent of the societal economic burden of celiac disease which stretches beyond the cost of GF food and celiac specific follow-up care.

This article discusses How Future Pharmacologic Therapies for Celiac Disease Will Complement the Gluten-Free Diet.

The European Commission is working to revise European Food Contact Material regulations to enhance consumer information, including labeling requirements and stricter rules on substance migration into food.

This study found that abnormal GI endoscopic biopsies were present in nearly 1 in 4 pediatric patients with cystic fibrosis undergoing biopsy. The patients were subsequently diagnosed with several GI diseases, with the most common being eosinophilic esophagitis and celiac disease.

A review and meta analysis found that celiac disease is a risk factor for gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and that a gluten-free diet is protective.

Gluten-free starch glue could be helpful in restoring old books.

May 16th has now been officially proclaimed “International Celiac Awareness Day” for both the state of Nebraska and its city, Omaha! Our thanks to Governor Jim Pillen and Mayor Jean Stothert for working with Mariah Jackson, PhD, RDN, LMNT, leader of our NCA Omaha, NE Local Partner Support Group to make this happen. We are very grateful for this excellent advocacy work!