Brattleboro, VT, USA
141 Canal Street Brattleboro VT 05302 US

Gluten-free items are set aside and saved for people who need them. Mention gluten-free needs to a staff member and they can help. They frequently have specialty gluten-free items.

Keene, NH, USA 25.18 km
They regularly serve gluten-free food to those who need it.
They are aware of the need for gluten-free food. Inquire for details.
This organization is able to accept donations of gluten-free food as well as segregate and keep t...
Has full knowledge of the GF diet and regularly supplies GF food.
North Brookfield, MA, USA 75.19 km
When they receive gluten-free items, they set them aside for people who need them.
Worcester, MA 89.98 km
They can serve GF food and have some regularly. Must present ID for proof of residence in certain...
White River Junction, Hartford, VT, USA 91.46 km
They regularly serve those who need gluten-free food.
Distributes food to their district and can connect individuals who need help with the best connec...
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