Raising Our Celiac Kids (ROCK) is a program for kids and teens as well as their parents/caregivers to help navigate the experiences unique to this age group.

A group of K through grade 12 children with celiac disease standing together giving a thumbs up. The children are all different ages and races. The children have on purple, blue, red and gray shirts, are all smiling and standing in front of a white background.

Check out the comprehensive resources below!

I’m Hungry! What can I eat?

Explore meal and snack ideas, learn about allowed foods, not allowed foods, and more!

Supporting Your Child’s Mental Health

Getting diagnosed with celiac disease or a gluten-related condition can cause a range of emotional reactions. Frequently, these can fluctuate depending on the age of your child, a situation they are dealing with, a stage of life they are in, or other various situations. This can also be true for adults, however, children require the support and guidance of their adult caregivers to help them navigate these times.

Read the various articles below about how best to support your child’s mental health and please use some of the resources from our collaborators at The Wellness Compass.


  • “How can I help my child with their anxiety?” here.
  • “How to manage anxiety about eating new foods,” here.
  • “How to handle jealousy among siblings,” here.
  • How to convince your teen to take their health seriously here.
  • Teaching your child hope to cope with the transition to college/independent living here.


  • The Psychology of Living with a Chronic Disease here.
  • Managing Anxiety Around the Holidays here.

Summer Camps

If you are looking for a summer camp appropriate for those with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, please check out our list of camps. Some have dedicated gluten-free weeks while others are able to accommodate gluten-free campers.

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