Chef Oonagh’s Blueberry Trifle
  1. In advance, dissolve 1/4 c sugar in 1/4 cup water and add fruit liqueur – amaretto, orange liqueur, even brandy or rum. Add sliced strawberries, and refrigerate overnight. This helps sweeten strawberries that are not sweet enough and gives you some flavored sugar syrup to drizzle on cake.
  2. Put half the cake cubes in bottom of 8 cup bowl. Put strawberries, syrup, blueberries, mango, grapes on top.
  3. Top with second half of cake cubes.
  4. Beat instant vanilla pudding with 1 cup milk, then fold in 1 c whipped cream. Spread on top of cake cubes.
  5. Spread another cup of whipped cream on top of pudding. Pipe remaining whipped cream on top of flat whipped cream.
  6. Sprinkle with toasted almonds and chocolate curls.
  7. Chocolate Curls – Rosy Levy Berenbaum calls them ‘snowflakes’. Take a regular bar of gf milk or semi sweet chocolate. I used both. Break off a piece about 3 inches long and put it in a folded piece of paper towel so you can hold chocolate without heat of your hand melting it too much. Use a potato peeler with open hole to peel strips that will curl up. Either peel directly above dessert or onto a plate. You can see from the photo these are tiny curls of chocolate that will melt rapidly if you try to handle them. Don’t use chocolate bar that is cold from fridge, chocolate won’t curl.