Chef Oonagh’s Mango Salsa Coleslaw

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Chef Oonagh's Mango Salsa Coleslaw
  1. To prepare the mango. Ignore instructions that tell you to peel a mango before slicing. That is a very sticky, slippery job. Stand the mango upright with the pointed end up, slice down either side of the flat inner stone to get two pieces like small shoulder pads. Using a sharp knife and mango skin down on chopping board not in your hand, carefully cut through the flesh to the skin in a ‘tic tac toe’ pattern. Press the middle of the skin one direction while pushing the edges in the opposite direction.(turning inside out). This makes the mango pieces stand individually upright so you can cut them off the skin with a sharp knife. Return to the semi-peeled mango and follow the curve of the stone to cut off the remaining skin/flesh in 2 pieces. Cut these pieces away from skin.
  2. Put pepper jelly in 3-4 cup mixing bowl and microwave for 10-20 seconds just to melt jelly. Add lime juice, lime rind, cilantro, onions and salt. Mix well.
  3. Stir in mango. Taste now if you want but in only one hour the salsa will blend and mellow to a very different flavor with no ‘raw’ taste.
Recipe Notes

I like this on top of plain shredded coleslaw cabbage. It's crunchier than on lettuce.

Add more onions or cilantro after the one hour if you want.
I love this salsa on its own as a side salad with plain grilled chicken or fish.