Chef Oonagh’s Red Quinoa Salad

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Chef Oonagh's Red Quinoa Salad
Enough for 3-4 tasting portions
  1. Put oil, orange juice concentrate, mustard, sugar, vinegar, salt, pepper and herbs plus some orange zest if you have it, in clean jam jar that is wide enough for head of immersion blender.
  2. Briefly run immersion blender to chop herbs and thicken (emulsify) the dressing. Taste and adjust flavor.
  3. Stir in very light quantity of orange vinaigrette to quinoa and other ingredients, taste and adjust seasoning. You can always add more vinaigrette, you can't remove it. I buy the frozen canister of quality orange juice, decant into either a screw top container or ziploc bag and freeze. The orange juice concentrate doesn't really freeze solid so you can spoon out what you need.
Recipe Notes

I like to add some sweet, juicy, fresh oranges or clementines to quinoa and then add some of the zest to dressing. If you can't get fresh, juicy oranges, don't bother. Canned mandarins don't give the same burst of fresh flavor.

Refrigerate vinaigrette for about a week. Olive oil will solidify like melted butter solidifies.

Mix quinoa salad shortly before serving. Orange in dressing will stop apples from discoloring.