Resources for Seniors

Seniors with celiac disease and gluten-sensitivity face overwhelming complications in their lives. We hope the following resources will help seniors better manage living with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.


  Click here for a handout with facts on celiac disease for seniors.

  Click here for the Spanish version of the facts on celiac disease for seniors.

  GF Meals in Assisted Living Facilities

  Meal Preparation Guidelines for Food Service Providers for Seniors

  Falls in Adults and Seniors - Could Celiac Disease be the Culprit?

If you are having problems with an assisted living facility not providing GF foods even though you are paying for a meal plan and have tried to communicate this need to them, then you may wish to:

  1. Contact the long-term care ombudsman in your state. Click here to learn more and to find your ombudsman.
  2. Contact your State Attorney General’s Office for legal advice. Click here to contact your State Attorney General.

We did a training for the National Resource Center on Nutrition & Aging on celiac disease and how to prepare gluten-free meals. The aim was to increase awareness and knowledge for foodservice staff serving seniors in various environments. The slides can be accessed in two parts here:


Watch the Aging Well with Celiac Disease webinar: