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March 2022 Edition


Hope you are well and starting to enjoy a bit of spring-like weather!

March is membership month! We exist for you and others like you to help you live your best self every day. From childhood straight through thriving as a senior, NCA and our programs are here to help you through life’s ups and downs while living with celiac disease or your gluten-related condition. For your $35 donation, you will enjoy an annual subscription to Gluten-Free Nation magazine, and regular email updates featuring cutting edge gluten-free nutrition, medical, and scientific information.

Lee Graham, Executive Director
AND Daiya Foods is delighted to offer a free product coupon to NCA members who join (or re-join!) during the month of March. Daiya Foods will only use your address to send the free product coupon.

Please read the whole March issue of NCA News; it includes:

  • Help for the people of Ukraine
  • Call to action: ask the FDA to enforce the labeling law
  • Many product alerts and recalls
  • Living with COVID-19: Celiac Disease, Autoimmunity and Hyperinflammation webinar
  • New ask the Dietitian Q&As
  • Research news and updates in CD and GF in the news
  • Recipe of the month: shrimp & grits
  • and more!

Do you have questions or concerns? Please let us know how we can help.

Yours in health,
Lee Graham, Executive Director

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