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In 2010, the Senate passed a resolution to make September 13th National Celiac Disease Awareness Day, stating that “all people of the United States should become more informed and aware of celiac disease.” The date was chosen to honor Dr. Samuel Gee, who was born on September 13, 1839, and first identified the link between celiac disease and diet.

Lee Graham, Executive Director

As we jump into the fall activities, I like to look back to summer at our lake house in Pennsylvania. It amazes me that this little summer home, over 100 years old, has hosted 7 generations of Grahams. First names may change, but the feeling of this place remains the same for all the generations who enjoy their time here… How strange it is how lives change but in some ways stay the same. I feel that way about National Celiac Association’s acquisition of CSA. CSA had been around for a long time and was the leader in celiac support and education. At one point our group was a chapter of CSA… part of the celiac family going back many years. Now the tables have turned and we are the parent organization. And yet, with the merging of our two membership lists, we are still here doing the same important work. NCA’s mission continues to be to provide education, advocacy, outreach and collaboration to the celiac community and we welcome you all to our home.

As we grow into our new position on a national scale, we depend on you to let us know what we need to do to improve services both educationally and medically. If we aren’t told of a problem, we can’t fix it. I sometimes wonder if I was given this chronic illness for a reason. Was there divine intervention somewhere? Is that what we should all be feeling? Did we develop this disease to help others, to share the ins and outs of this disease, to provide the support and nurture to keep going and in doing so; do we free ourselves from its negativity? Help us do this together. Be an ambassador for celiac. Let’s show others the way.

Yours in health,
Lee Graham, Executive Director

Help For Hurricanes

Thank you for your generosity in helping the National Celiac Association (NCA) get gluten-free food to people in Texas who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. Now we are turning our attention to Hurricane Irma and the people in Florida and elsewhere that need help in its wake. Please consider donating to our Hurricane Irma fund below. All donations will be used to get gluten-free food to the affected areas.


Visit the event calendar on our website to see what events are happening in your part of the country. If you are in the area of Eastern Massachusetts, we’d love to see you at two upcoming events.

  • Let’s Talk About Food Festival will take place at Copley Square in Boston on September 23. The festival lets participants dive into the most important food conversations and debate what’s happening in society today. Through hands-on cooking demonstrations, edible gardens, and more, participants explore how to take advantage of the food around them by cooking better and eating healthier.
    Executive Director Lee Graham will be on stage for a panel discussion.

  • On October 29th, NCA will be holding its Fall Event in Norwood, MA. This event will feature presentations by Melinda Dennis, MS, RD, LDN, endocrinologist Partha Sinha, MD and intern Emma Clerx from Harvard University. 6 vendors will be present and beverages will be served. Registration will open next week at

Back to School

If your child requires a gluten-free diet, we suggest you review our free resource, tips and downloads.

GF Dining Out Tips

Product Finds

  • Pamela’s Products now has GF pasta made from rice flours and pea protein.
  • Knorr Selects rice and risotto products are labeled gluten-free and available in flavors such as asiago cheese & cracked black pepper, rustic Mexican rice and beans and spinach and artichoke rice.
  • Glutino has introduced fudge Italian crème and mint fudge Italian crème filled cookies.

  • Whole Foods has GF pumpkin spice bites, described as pumpkin pie spiced apple filled snacks.

  • Goodie Girl has new fudge striped cookies.

  • Schar has released a new Italian crostini product baked in Italy.

Webinars and Podcasts

Concerned about the gluten in your communion wafer? Watch Dr. Alessio Fasano discuss this below.

Recipe of the Month

Double Apple Rice Cereal Muffins

September brings thoughts of apples. Try this low calorie muffin that is delightfully dense and filling.

Fall Magazine

Members and magazine subscribers, watch your mailboxes for the Fall 2017 issue of Gluten-Free Nation magazine to arrive any day now. This issue features articles on Gluten-Free in Sicily, School Lunchbox ideas, Medical and Science News, Recipes and stories. Members can also view the magazine on our website

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Celiac Disease and GF in the News

Gluten-Free Seal Recognition Program

NCA Gluten-Free Recognition Seal Program

Following the dissolution of CSA earlier this year, NCA will be continuing the valuable Gluten-Free Recognition Seal Program. When products display the Recognition Seal, customers are assured they are choosing a product which has undergone the most stringent third-party gluten-free certification available for product, processing and packaging.

Product Recalls

Live GFree Gluten Free Classic Soft White Hamburger Buns

Book Giveaway

Congratulations to Francine from Oxford, MA and Maria from Aurora, CO who won last month’s giveaway, copies of No Sacrifices Entertaining Gluten-Free by Ellen Fox.

This month, you can win a copy of Gluten Free The Definitive Resource Guide by Shelley Case BSc, RD.

  • Book Giveaway by NCA
  • We had the opportunity to review this book and found it to be very thorough. The first chapter covers celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. The book then goes on to discuss the gluten-free diet, providing not only an overview but also detailed information about oats, alcohol and ingredients that are often questioned.

Shelley Case also covers nutrition on a gluten-free diet including specific areas of concerns as well as suggestions for high nutrient foods. This book provides almost 50 pages of gluten-free recipes; with autumn upon us, I am eager to try Shelley’s Orange Cranberry Muffins and Carrot Apple Energy bars. There is something for everybody in the recipe section. She covers meal planning, shopping, cross contamination and more.
To enter, simply send us an email with your name and mailing address by September 25th.

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