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October 2023 Edition

Hello everyone,

Since our last edition, we’ve all experienced and seen the results of change. Our calendars flipped to start the last quarter of the year. Summer said it's official “goodbye” and the leaves are already starting to put on a show before ending their time aloft in the tree branches. We here at NCA are not immune to the changes that are happening all around us as we have just experienced a major change of our own. 

If I have not yet met you, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chris and I am the new CEO & Executive Director here at NCA. I understand the enormity of the shoes that I have been brought in to fill but I am excited to bring my own energy, experience, and excitement to the efforts that we provide daily to this celiac community. 

My goal is to take NCA to that next level and build upon the solid foundation of success that Lee Graham provided for us. My vision is lofty and, with your continued support, attainable. And while the calendar shows that colder temperatures are on the horizon, we’re just beginning to get heated up. 

I look forward to learning your story and taking this journey with you. Enjoy this edition of the NCA News and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Stronger Together,


Lee Graham, Executive Director

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