Getting involved in research to find a cure

How do I get involved in research to find a better treatment or cure for celiac disease?AnswerGetting involved in research to find a better treatment or cure for celiac disease (CeD) can be a rewarding experience. Here are some steps you can take to get started: Find Research Opportunities Look

Transitioning to college and independent living

How do I help my teenager cope with the transition to college and living on their own?AnswerNavigating your teenager's transition to college and independent living can be nerve-wracking. However, there are several steps you can take to support them through this significant life change. Education: Ensure your teenager has a

Convincing teen to prioritize health

How do I convince my teenager to take their celiac disease seriously?AnswerMany parents face the common concern of convincing their teenager to take their celiac disease (CeD) seriously. Celiac disease, a serious autoimmune disorder triggered by the ingestion of gluten, requires strict adherence to a gluten-free (GF) diet for optimal

Talking to doctor about teen’s medical records

Now that my child is a teen (or young adult), their doctor won’t talk with me about their health. I cannot see their test results. How can we handle that?AnswerHealthcare laws, particularly the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (or “HIPAA” for short), restrict parental access to medical information once

Support for parent in memory care facility

My mom has celiac disease and dementia. She lives in a memory care unit and the staff are saying that she asks for glutenous food and they are not allowed to deny her that saying it is her "right" to have it. She can't make safe decisions for herself because

How does the ADA apply to airplane travel?

How does the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) apply to airplane travel? Do airlines need to provide GF meals and snacks if they are providing food to passengers? Do they need to allow passengers with celiac disease to carry food on board without incurring extra baggage fees?AnswerThe ADA does not

Choosing nutritious gluten-free meals and snacks

Could you share with me some general guidelines for choosing nutritious meals and snacks while on the gluten-free diet? Or some examples?AnswerLuckily, the same healthy eating principles apply whether you need to eat a gluten-free (GF) diet or not. So, what you already know about eating a healthy diet still

Gluten-free food for pets

My two children have celiac disease. Now I am reading that we need to feed our pets gluten free food too. Is that true? One of our dogs is already on a very restricted diet, and I am not sure I can find something that is gluten free and meets

What should I do if a gluten-free product makes me sick?

What steps should I take when a GF product I’ve eaten makes me sick? There never seems to be any repercussions around recalls for manufacturers, but I don’t even know how a recall gets started.AnswerThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates all foods except meat, poultry, and processed egg products.

Screening children with ADHD for celiac disease

Should all children with Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) be screened for celiac disease?AnswerThere is some overlap between possible celiac disease (CeD) symptoms and those of ADHD, but this does not mean that all children with ADHD should be screened. Each child's individual situation should be assessed by the healthcare team

Gluten-free cleaning products

Do I need to make sure that all of my cleaning products are gluten free?AnswerFor individuals with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, gluten is a problem when it has been ingested and has contact with the gastrointestinal tract. Since cleaning products are not meant to be ingested, gluten free

Should our whole family eat gluten free?

Our three-year-old was just diagnosed. Should we all eat gluten-free? The diet is just so expensive, we don't know what to do.AnswerWhen it comes to keeping your child safely gluten-free (GF), it's usually easier if all foods in the household are GF, since you wouldn't need to be concerned about

Does having celiac disease make you immunocompromised?

Does having celiac disease make you immunocompromised?AnswerThis topic is a bit controversial. From the conventional point of view in the US, celiac disease does not make you immunocompromised. We generally think of this as patients on powerful immunosuppressive medications, such as those for organ transplants, HIV infection, or people being

What is “leaky gut”?

What is "leaky gut"?AnswerLeaky gut can be explained as having abnormally increased intestinal permeability. This is a state where the digested food fragments in our gut can get into our bloodstream through gaps (called tight junctions) between the single cells lining our gut are abnormally “leaky”. These incompletely digested food

Looking for celiac or other specialists

There are no celiac specialists anywhere near me and/or who accept my insurance. What should I do? Who should I see? Further to this concern, how about if I need to see a specialist for gluten ataxia or neuropathy?AnswerLack of access to celiac specialists, or even getting in to see

Gluten in animal feed, mushrooms grown in wheat

Do I need to look for eggs and meat from animals that were not fed gluten? Does it matter if mushrooms were grown in wheat-based dirt?AnswerAnimals that are fed gluten-containing grains, like wheat or barley, still produce gluten-free meat or eggs! We know that through the biology of animal digestion

Tips for managing both celiac disease and Type I diabetes

Can you offer any tips for managing both celiac disease and type I diabetes?AnswerPeople with Type 1 diabetes (T1DM) are at an increased risk of developing celiac disease (CeD), and both conditions involve understanding food choices for optimal management (1). Fortunately, there are food choices that help promote a healthy

How to improve symptoms of anemia

What are my options for improving my symptoms of anemia? The supplements my doctor prescribed don’t seem to be working for me. How do other people deal with it?AnswerAnemia is a medical condition when your red blood cells cannot properly work to carry oxygen around your body, which can cause

How to handle meals with colleagues from work

I work with a lot of high-level associates for my job and we are always having working meetings over meals. I do my best to be inconspicuous when I order my food, but it's gotten really hard and I've gotten sick a couple of times. My colleagues just don't understand.

What to say on a date

I was just diagnosed and it's really hard to know what to do or say when I go out on dates, especially for the first time! Help!!AnswerIt is hard enough to find someone you want to go on a date with and unfortunately, food is often involved. There are a

Feeling awkward not eating at social events

I do all the prep work before I go out to a social event like call ahead and ask questions, eat beforehand, or bring food. But sometimes, it just ends up that I can't eat what is being served and I feel so awkward when people ask why. Do you

Suggestions for advocating for oneself when dining out

I’m really shy and newly diagnosed. I have a hard time eating outside of the house because I’m embarrassed to speak up for myself. Do you have any suggestions for people like me?AnswerIt can certainly be challenging and overwhelming to advocate for yourself at restaurants, friend’s houses, school/work, etc. But

What to do when your doctor doesn’t seem to know much about celiac disease

I seem to know more about celiac disease than my doctor. Should I just keep researching this disease on my own?AnswerSome doctors are not necessarily experts on celiac disease even though they are more than capable of diagnosing it. You can always ask your doctor for a referral/second opinion or

Hosting a guest with celiac disease

How do I host someone with celiac disease at my house? I want to do the right thing but I'm actually a little scared I'm going to do something wrong!AnswerSharing meals and having friends or family over is a natural and important part of our culture. But when a friend

Could peripheral neuropathy be a sign that I have been glutened?

I know peripheral neuropathy is a symptom of celiac disease. I have been gluten-free for years now, but I still experience peripheral neuropathy. Could that be a sign that I have been glutened?AnswerPeripheral neuropathy is a condition where the nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord are damaged. Symptoms

I know you say that I don’t need GF skin care products, but I switched over anyway. Why am I still breaking out?

I know you say that I don’t need GF skin care products, but I switched over anyway.  Why am I still breaking out?AnswerIt is optional and a personal decision to use gluten-free skin care products as gluten cannot penetrate the skin.  Other skin irritations can be dermatitis herpetiformis which causes

Does insurance have to cover visits with an RD if you have celiac disease?

Does insurance have to cover visits with an RD if you have celiac disease?AnswerInsurance coverage is specific to each individual plan.  If your plan offers medical nutrition therapy, then locate a registered dietitian in your plan that has experience with celiac disease. Read about how to find a dietitian knowledgeable

Should I try a food sensitivity test to see if I’m intolerant to other things?

Should I try a food sensitivity test to see if I’m intolerant to other things?AnswerThe American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI) states food sensitivity tests are not recommended to diagnose food allergies, intolerances, or sensitivities1. To understand why these tests cannot do what they are advertised to do,

What is the best way to ensure that my child is getting all the nutrients they need?

What is the best way to ensure that my child is getting all the nutrients they need?AnswerChildren have different nutritional needs as they transition from toddlers to grade school-age, to teenagers. Because gluten-free (GF) products such as breads, flours, bars, and baking mixes are not always fortified or enriched with

Are potatoes gluten free?

Are potatoes gluten free?AnswerYes, whole potatoes, such as russet potatoes, red, or gold potatoes are naturally gluten free (GF). You can typically find these potatoes in the produce section of the grocery store. When are potatoes not gluten free? While whole potatoes are naturally GF, potatoes that have been processed

How do I tell someone I don’t feel comfortable eating their homemade food?

How do I tell someone I don't feel comfortable eating their homemade food? AnswerWell-meaning friends, family, or neighbors often do not understand the complexities of celiac disease and the intricacies of a gluten-free diet. It is OKAY if you do not feel comfortable eating food that others have prepared or brought

How can I help my child handle their anxiety?

How can I help my child handle their anxiety?AnswerAnxiety related to celiac disease (CeD) can come from many different directions. Children may feel anxious when dining out, they may fear social isolation, or they may worry about being unintentionally exposed to gluten. Food is involved in many social situations and

How do I handle jealousy among siblings?

How do I handle jealousy among siblings?AnswerJealousy among siblings is common in many families. When you have a child with celiac disease (CeD), additional challenges may arise for each sibling. Children with CeD: Children may feel left out or lonely within the family system. They have to eat a gluten-free

Can you get celiac disease at any age?

Can you get celiac disease at any age?AnswerYes, absolutely! Initially celiac disease was considered a disease of childhood, often thought to be related to when solid foods are introduced during the first year of life. However, we now know celiac disease can develop at any age, with over 80% of

If you stay gluten free, why do you need to see a GI specialist?

If you stay gluten free, why do you need to see a GI specialist?AnswerThere are a number of reasons to see a GI specialist. Obtaining an accurate diagnosis, whether it is celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), or another disorder, is important because this will guide treatment accordingly, establish a

I had a couple of fractures before I was diagnosed. Do you think celiac disease could have affected my bones?

I had a couple of fractures before I was diagnosed. Do you think celiac disease could have affected my bones?AnswerYes, celiac disease is a known cause of low bone mineral density and it also increases the risk for osteoporosis and fractures (1, 2, 4). Over half of untreated people with

What is a gluten challenge?

Q: My doctor wants me to do a gluten challenge to diagnose my celiac disease. What exactly is a gluten challenge?AnswerIf you are already on a gluten-free diet, but have not had the appropriate testing for celiac disease prior to starting the diet, your doctor may recommend a “gluten challenge”

Is monosodium glutamate OK on the gluten-free diet?

Q:  Is monosodium glutamate OK on the gluten-free diet?AnswerYes, monosodium glutamate (MSG) is considered safe on the gluten-free diet. MSG is a sodium salt of glutamic acid that is used as a flavor enhancer in foods. Various starches and sugars may be used as a starting material for MSG, but

Is chewing gum safe for people with celiac disease?

Q: Is chewing gum safe for people with celiac disease?AnswerMost chewing gum should be OK. But always read labels carefully. Gum is typically made from a gum base (resin, wax, elastomer), sweetener, softeners, plasticizers, flavorings, coloring, and a polyol coating. In terms of labeling, chewing gum would fall under the

Using a scanner app

What do you think of scanner apps that tell you if a food is gluten free?AnswerI don’t really recommend relying solely on scanner apps as they may or may not have the most up-to-date information and also may give unclear answers, which can lead to either over-restricting foods or getting

Can you tell how long a person has had celiac disease?

My 17-year-old daughter was just diagnosed with celiac disease. It was the unexpected result of a panel she had done and we were shocked as there is no known celiac history in our family. She’s pretty asymptomatic. Is there a way to know how long she has had celiac disease?

Is it safe to use a shared microwave?

There is a concern that if someone heats up something that contains gluten, that a person with celiac disease may no longer use the microwave thereafter even if the microwave is thoroughly cleaned out. Is this true?AnswerIt should be fine to use a shared microwave as long as you do

Does eating dairy affect the gut the same way gluten does?

I have lactose intolerance and sensitivity to dairy as well as celiac disease. Does dairy affect the gut the same way gluten does?AnswerLactose intolerance and dairy sensitivity would not cause damage to the villi like gluten does. However, it may cause similar gastrointestinal symptoms, such as gas, bloating and pain.

Is maltitol safe on the gluten-free diet?

Is maltitol safe on the gluten-free diet?AnswerYes, maltitol is safe on the gluten-free diet. It may sound suspect as it has the word “malt” in the name. However, maltitol is a type of sugar alcohol and is often used as a sweetener in foods, chewing gum and dental products. Maltitol

Can I eat wheat in Europe?

Q: I have heard that wheat flour in Europe is safer for those with celiac disease than in the United States. What are your thoughts?AnswerNo, this is a common myth floating around. However, wheat flour is not safe for people with celiac disease regardless of type or origin. It is

Is it OK to drink gluten-reduced beer that tests below 10 ppm?

Q: You do not recommend drinking gluten-reduced beer if you have celiac disease, but Omission beer tests all of their batches for gluten, ensuring they are below 20 ppm. I drink Omission beer and enter their packaging date and batch # on their web site to get the gluten content

Are agar, pectin and spices celiac safe ingredients?

Q: Are agar, pectin and spices celiac safe ingredients? I recently saw these ingredients listed on a food item and wasn't sure if they were safe or not.AnswerAgar or agar-agar is made from the cell walls of red algae and is naturally gluten free. Pectin is also naturally gluten free.

Is there a connection between migraine headaches and celiac disease?

Q: Is there a documented connection between migraine headaches and celiac disease?AnswerYes, there is evidence to support a connection between celiac disease with headaches and migraines. In a review study of headaches among people with celiac disease, the prevalence of headache was 26 percent in adults and 18.3 percent in

Washing or wiping down groceries

Q: Should items from the grocery store be washed or wiped down before putting them away at home? I have significant anxiety over gluten, and my concern is that any trace gluten from the store on bags, boxes, etc., may be ingested, especially when eating something directly with my hands,

Is boba tea gluten free?

Q: Is boba tea gluten free?AnswerYes, plain boba tea (also known as bubble tea, pearl milk tea, or tapioca milk tea) should be gluten free (GF). Boba is a tea drink originating from Taiwan, it usually consists of tea, milk and tapioca balls. The balls or “bubbles” contain tapioca starch

Gluten ataxia

Q: What is gluten ataxia?AnswerGluten ataxia is a rare neurological gluten-related condition that triggers an autoimmune response that damages the brain when gluten is ingested. It can cause problems with walking and movement. Symptoms of ataxia: Difficulty with balance and coordination Unsteady gait Reduced fine motor skills Difficulty with speech

Understanding celiac testing and genetic testing

Q: Can you test negative for celiac disease and possibly be positive 2 years later? Also, can you have the gene for celiac disease and test negative?AnswerYes, you can develop celiac disease at any time during your lifetime if you have the compatible genes (HLA-DQ2 or HLA-DQ8). Up to 40%

Devices for testing for gluten

Q: What do you think of at home gluten testing devices such as the Nima?AnswerAt this time, we do not endorse or recommend any home lateral flow devices such as the Nima Sensor or EZ Gluten for testing foods for gluten as they have shown to produce a high margin

Spices and marinades

Q: I saw a post from your Facebook page to always look at ingredients for any processed meats such as hotdogs, sausages, deli meats due to seasoning rubs with spices and marinades. What ingredients in these spices and marinades are we supposed to look out for and are considered not safe? A lot of

Sharing non-stick pans and air fryer

Q: Is it okay to share a nonstick pan between gluten and gluten-free foods as long as it is washed between uses? Also, is a separate air fryer necessary in a shared kitchen?AnswerAs long as the non-stick pans are cleaned with water, dish soap and a clean sponge/brush, then rinsed,

Is locust bean/carob gum gluten free?

Q: Is locust bean/carob gum gluten free?AnswerYes, locust bean gum (also known as carob bean gum) is naturally gluten free. It is derived from the seeds from the carob tree. Locust bean gum is a food additive often used as a thickener and stabilizer in foods (1). One thing to

Eating more than one serving of GF food

Q:  When eating food labeled gluten free at below 20 ppm per serving ... Am I overloading on gluten by eating more than one serving?AnswerNo, it is very unlikely that you would overload on gluten by eating more than a serving. Foods that are labeled gluten free have to contain

Is dextrin gluten free?

Q: Is dextrin gluten free?AnswerDextrin is a carbohydrate that is hydrolyzed from starches. It may or may not be gluten free depending on the starting material. However, most dextrin is derived from corn in the United States. If the dextrin is derived from wheat, it has to be disclosed and

GF meats

Q: My son was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. What meats are safe for him?AnswerAll plain meats such as beef, lamb, pork, and poultry are naturally gluten free. Always read labels, especially on any type of processed meat product such as sausages, hotdogs, meatballs or meats that comes pre-seasoned with

Glucose syrup from wheat in a gluten-free product

Q:  I just bought a product that is labeled gluten-free, but it has glucose syrup listed saying it is from wheat. How can it be labeled gluten-free?AnswerGlucose syrup is considered safe even when derived from wheat, barley or rye. That is because the process used to produce glucose syrup renders

How long does it take for symptoms to improve?

Q:  I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. How long does it roughly take for symptoms to improve?AnswerMost people start to notice improvement on the gluten-free diet within weeks to months. However, recovery and healing time varies greatly by individual. Actual healing of the intestine starts within days, but it

Cooking on a grill that previously had gluten on it

Q:  I saw the recent question on pots/pans, etc. but I have a question about grills - safety related to grilling out if the grill previously had something with gluten cooked on it?AnswerGrilling and cookout season is finally in full swing, so this is a very timely question! When grilling,

Is wine OK on the gluten-free diet?

Q: Is wine OK on the gluten-free diet?AnswerYes, wine should be ok on the gluten-free diet, wine is fermented from grapes and does not contain gluten. However, be careful with wine coolers as they often contain barley malt. For more information on alcoholic beverages check out our FAQ about alcohol

Do I need new, designated pans, plates, and utensils?

Q: Should gluten-free food be prepared and cooked in new or designated pans, plates and utensils?AnswerNo, there is no need to get new pots and pans, plates or utensils. In most cases, they can be used interchangeably as long as they are cleaned properly between use. The only pans that

Is cheese safe for people with celiac disease?

Q: Is cheese safe for people with celiac disease?AnswerAll plain hard cheeses should be fine unless they have added ingredients like spices, seasoning, or starches, thickeners, and anti-caking agents. etc., all of which potentially could contain gluten. These added ingredients can often be found in processed cheeses, soft spreadable cheeses,

Is whey gluten-free?

Q: Is whey gluten-free?AnswerYes, whey is a milk protein and is naturally gluten-free. Pure whey should be safe on the gluten-free diet. However, always read the label and confirm GF status on whey powders as other ingredients are often added. Another thing to note is that since whey is a

Eating out

Q: If I don't feel sick after eating out, can I feel good about going to the place again or telling other people it's okay? Do I have to keep checking that things are gluten free each time I go?AnswerPart of having celiac disease is that we have to check

Talking to family and friends about CD and the GF diet

Q:  How do I talk to my family and friends about my celiac disease and the need for a gluten-free diet?AnswerI would recommend starting out with simple information that is easy to read and digest. Try not to overwhelm them with lots of information all at once – we all

Do all products need to be certified gluten free and made in a gluten free facility if you have celiac disease?

Q: Do all products need to be certified gluten free and made in a gluten free facility if you have celiac disease?AnswerNo, foods do not have to be certified gluten free (GF) or made in a dedicated GF facility to be safe for people with celiac disease. We recommend that

What can I eat to increase my fiber intake and lower my cholesterol?

Q: Since being gluten free my LDL and total cholesterol have greatly increased. I used to eat a lot of whole wheat foods. What can I eat to increase my fiber intake and lower my cholesterol?AnswerNot getting enough fiber can be an issue on the gluten-free (GF) diet. Gluten-free baked

Is it OK for people with celiac disease to cheat on the gluten-free diet sometimes?

Q: Is it ok for people with celiac disease to cheat on the gluten-free diet sometimes? I usually do not have any symptoms after I do it.AnswerFollowing a strict gluten-free diet free of cross-contact is the only way to stay safe and healthy when you have celiac disease. This means

How to prevent osteoporosis

Q: We have 4 generations of celiacs in my family. My grandmother, mother and uncle all had severe osteoporosis due to the lack of absorption of calcium. I have been diagnosed with osteopenia and all the doctors say is keep taking Vitamin D and Calcium and do weight bearing exercises. I

Does xanthan gum contain gluten?

Q: I have a reaction to xanthan gum which is found in many gluten-free breads. Does it contain gluten?AnswerIt is common to react to xanthan gum as well as guar gum. These types of gums are often present in gluten-free baked goods. Although they can cause symptoms similar to a

Should I take a multivitamin?

Q: Should I take a multivitamin if I am on a gluten-free diet?AnswerMany people on the gluten-free (GF) diet are recommended to take a GF multivitamin. You should ask your doctor or dietitian if they recommend you to take a multivitamin, or need any other vitamins or minerals based on

Child struggling with eating different foods at school

Q: My child has been struggling in school especially with being different and eating different foods around snack time. This was not a problem when he was younger. Do you have any advice?AnswerIt is very common that children struggle in social settings (as do adults), they do not like feeling

Resources for somebody newly diagnosed with celiac disease

Q: I was just diagnosed with celiac disease. What resources do you have to learn more about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet?AnswerWe have some great resources available that will help you learn more about celiac disease and get you started on the gluten-free diet. For general information about celiac

Are GMOs related to celiac disease?

Q: Are GMOs related to celiac disease? I have read that GMO-free flour from European countries may be safer for people with celiac disease.  Do you have any thoughts on this?AnswerThe issue of GMOs is a controversial topic. Currently there is no recommendation that people with celiac disease should stay away from GMOs

Education for food service staff members

Q: I am at dietitian who works for a food service company. Do you have education for staff members regarding celiac disease and/or gluten-free diets? It's being needed more and more in a lot of our communities, and proper education would be beneficial for staff members.AnswerThere are several resources that

COVID vaccines for children

Q: Do you have any updates on how the GF community feels about COVID vaccines for children?AnswerThe Society for the Study of Celiac Disease which is comprised of prominent celiac specialists and researchers released the following statement on COVID-19 vaccines in children: “With the news that the Food and Drug

Dietary advice for a vegetarian with celiac disease

Q: Do you have any dietary advice for a vegetarian with celiac disease?AnswerThe most important thing is to make sure you get all the nutrients you need. As long as the vegetarian diet is well planned and varied, it can meet nutritional needs as well as provide the benefit of

Are artificial flavors and colors gluten free?

Q: I know that natural flavoring may contain gluten, but what about artificial flavoring and coloring. Are they gluten-free?AnswerArtificial flavorings and artificial colorings contain chemical compounds and are considered gluten free. However, note that some people may react to artificial flavors and/or colors for different reasons such as sensitivities and/or

Do you have to have a dedicated gluten-free kitchen when you have celiac disease?

Q: Do you have to have a dedicated gluten-free kitchen when you have celiac disease?AnswerNo, it is not required to have a completely gluten-free kitchen. Some have an all gluten-free kitchen, others have some gluten-containing items for other family members. However, it is definitely best if family meals that are eaten

Staying safe eating at other houses during the holidays

Q: I find it hard around the holidays when having to go to other people’s houses to eat. Do you have any advice on how to stay safe eating at other people’s houses?AnswerGoing to eat at other people’s houses can definitely feel daunting at times. Planning ahead and having good

Ensuring a safe Halloween for kids with celiac disease

Q: How can I make Halloween safe for my child with celiac disease? Do you have a list of gluten-free Halloween candy?AnswerHalloween is supposed to be a fun and magical time, but when you have celiac disease or a child with celiac disease, Halloween candy can be a gluten minefield,

Can a small amount of gluten make somebody sick?

Q:  I have a relative that has some type of gluten-allergy or celiac. My relative goes as far as reading the labels on everything and saying if he eats a drop of something with gluten in it, it will make him sick. Could such a small amount really make someone

How do you prepare for pregnancy if you have celiac disease?

Q: How do you prepare for pregnancy if you have celiac disease?AnswerThere are no official guidelines for pregnancy with celiac disease. However, it is important to follow-up with your celiac specialist/GI doctor if you are planning to become pregnant to make sure you have healed and recovered since diagnosis. A

Does my child need a 504 plan?

Q: Do I need a 504 plan at school for my child with celiac disease? What types of accommodations are in a 504 plan?AnswerYes, it is highly recommended to have a 504 plan in place at school. The best way to protect and ensure that a student who requires a

Are cast iron pans safe to use for people with celiac disease?

Q: Are cast iron pans safe to use for people with celiac disease?AnswerWe do not recommend using non-dedicated cast iron pans since they are more difficult to clean. There is usually always a caked-on surface of residue on this type of cookware, which is hard to remove. If you want to continue to

Is it safe to consume oatmilk?

Q: I am aware there is much debate about oats, would it be safe for a person with celiac disease to consume oat milk?AnswerThe issues with oats and whether they are safe for people with celiac disease can be confusing, and recommendations are in constant flux. I would recommend reading

Is modified food starch gluten free?

Q: Is modified food starch gluten free?AnswerMost of the time modified food starch is made from corn in the United States, but not always…so read labels carefully. When it comes to foods, beverages and supplements which fall under The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) then wheat has to be disclosed

Is buckwheat gluten free?

Q: Is buckwheat gluten free?AnswerYes, pure buckwheat is naturally gluten free. It may sound suspicious to someone with a gluten-related condition, as it has the word “wheat” in it. However, buckwheat is not related to wheat. In fact, its grain-like seeds are not even considered a true grain, but a

Is wheat starch safe on a GF diet? Why can’t we have beer crafted to remove gluten?

Q: I searched and saw the post about Digiorno Pizza and wheat starch, so to clarify, since FDA declares it safe, we are good to eat it as celiac since the wheat starch was crafted to remove gluten? 2nd question... if wheat starch removes gluten is tested to under 20ppm,

Are strawberries safe for people with celiac disease?

Q: Are strawberries safe for people with celiac disease? I have heard that strawberries are grown with rye and are not safe to eat or be picked due to the dust from the grains.AnswerThere are two issues that frequently come up concerning strawberry picking and consumption that cause concern among

What is dermatitis herpetiformis?

Q:  What is dermatitis herpetiformis and is it related to celiac disease?AnswerDermatitis herpetiformis or DH is a condition associated with celiac disease that affects the skin. When someone with DH ingests gluten, an autoimmune response occurs in the skin causing intensely itchy blisters to form, usually on the elbows, knees,

Do I have to use gluten-free skincare and body products?

Q: Do I have to use gluten-free skincare products?AnswerThis is the most frequently asked question that we get for “Ask the Dietitian.” In terms of skincare, it is optional but not required to use gluten-free skincare/cosmetics for those with celiac disease, as gluten cannot penetrate the skin. We recommend skincare products to be

Is it too late to improve my health?

Q: I will be 40 in a few weeks and just learned that my gas and bloating all these years was a result of celiac disease. I am worried that it is too late to improve my health.AnswerNo, it is definitely not too late! Many people get diagnosed with celiac

Negative celiac blood work when on a gluten-free diet

Q: If you have been gluten-free for 6 years after being diagnosed with celiac disease, can your blood work come back negative?AnswerYes, if you are on a gluten-free diet you ideally would want your blood work to come back at negative levels. Elevated antibodies indicate ongoing damage in the intestine;

Is there gluten in corn?

Q: I have heard there is gluten in corn, is this true?AnswerCorn is naturally gluten free. The protein in corn is sometimes referred to as “corn gluten” but it is not harmful to those with celiac disease. However, I recommend to always read labels carefully, and to always make sure

Is it OK to eat gluten-free pizza from a restaurant?

Q: Is it ok to eat gluten-free pizza from a restaurant that bakes it in the same oven with regular pizza?AnswerIt is not safe to eat pizza that has been baked in the oven together with regular pizza if you have celiac disease. Unfortunately, restaurants seem to vary widely in

How quickly after ingesting gluten can a reaction occur?

Q: How quickly after ingesting gluten can a reaction occur? I've always had the quick watery stool elimination reaction - however now I am very aware that it starts with pain in the lower left side of my abdomen followed my lots of belching, gas, bloating, cramping and even a

Following a gluten-free diet but still having symptoms

Q:  I was diagnosed 2 years ago and I have been on a gluten-free diet since, however I still have GI symptoms?AnswerI am sorry you are still experiencing symptoms. You are definitely not alone. It is estimated that about 7-30% of people with celiac disease still have GI symptoms even though

Do any of the COVID-19 vaccines contain gluten?

Q. Do any of the COVID-19 vaccines contain gluten?AnswerThe three current COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Janssen from Johnson & Johnson) do not contain gluten. Here are the ingredients per the FDA Fact Sheets as of March 2021: Pfizer-BioNTech: mRNA, lipids ((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate), 2 [(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide, 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3- phosphocholine, and cholesterol), potassium

COVID vaccine

Q: My mom has celiac disease and is 91, can she take the vaccination against Covid?AnswerFrom what we currently know, there does not seem to be an increased risk for adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccination for those with celiac disease. However, your mother should discuss with her doctor/healthcare provider if

Can I eat a product that is not labeled gluten free but does not contain ingredients with gluten?

Q: If a product does not state gluten free and the ingredients do not contain gluten that I can tell; is it ok to eat?AnswerIf something is not labeled GF watch out for these six words on the label: Wheat Rye Barley Malt Brewer's yeast Oats You do not need

Are natural flavorings gluten free?

Q: Do I have to worry about natural flavorings? Do they contain gluten?AnswerIf a food is labeled gluten-free you do not have to worry about natural flavorings. Foods that are labeled gluten-free have to adhere to the FDA limit of 20 parts per million of gluten, which is considered a

Worried about child’s growth

Q:  My 2-year-old son was diagnosed with celiac disease recently, but is low on the growth chart, will he catch up on his growth?AnswerMany children with celiac disease have growth and weight issues upon diagnosis. Poor growth is one of the most common symptoms of celiac disease in children (1).

Can I get glutened by cooking or smelling?

Q: Can I get glutened by smelling foods while cooking it? I know that for flour with gluten it can happen, but for food that are not flour? Is there any risk of getting glutened by cooking regular food for others?AnswerNo worries! Just smelling the food will not cause gluten

Link between celiac disease and lactose intolerance

Q. Is celiac disease linked with lactose intolerance? Can consuming dairy products trigger your lactose intolerance does it have a link between the two?AnswerYes, people with celiac disease frequently have lactose intolerance, especially upon diagnosis. In celiac disease, an autoimmune response is triggered when gluten is ingested and causes damage

GF Meals in Prison

Q: My son has celiac disease and will be incarcerated for some time. Will he be able to get gluten-free meals in prison?AnswerCeliac disease is recognized as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which is a federal law, and as such prisons and correctional facilities are required to

Foods for person with celiac disease and diabetes

Q: I was recently diagnosed as being pre-diabetic and cannot find any reliable information about good celiac/diabetic foods. Can you help?AnswerIt can be a challenge when you have pre-diabetes/diabetes in addition to celiac disease, as gluten-free foods are generally higher in starches, sugars and carbohydrates and lower in fiber than

Can I use the same oven for gluten-free foods as regular foods?

Q:  Can I use the same oven for gluten-free foods as regular foods?AnswerYou do not need to use a dedicated gluten-free oven, however here are some tips to prevent cross-contact: Avoid cooking gluten-containing foods and gluten-free foods together in the oven - do it separately. Make sure to clean any

Are hand sanitizers gluten free?

Q:  Are hand sanitizers gluten-free? I am using a lot of hand sanitizer now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Do I need to worry about this?AnswerFortunately, most hand sanitizers do not contain gluten. Hand sanitizers usually contain alcohol as the active ingredient in addition to water, fragrance, glycerin, and other skin

Labeling fermented and hydrolyzed foods

Q: How will the new labeling rule from FDA about fermented and hydrolyzed foods affect gluten-free labeling?AnswerIn August 2020, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a final rule to establish requirements in regard to gluten-free labeling for foods that are fermented, hydrolyzed or contain fermented or hydrolyzed ingredients. It

Is celiac disease hereditary?

Q: Is celiac disease hereditary? I have a sibling and an adult child who have celiac diseaseAnswerYes, celiac disease is a genetic disease and hereditary, so if you have a relative with the disease the risk is higher to have it. Prevalence of celiac disease: 1st degree relative with celiac

Is maltodextrin in medications safe?

Q: Is maltodextrin found in US pharmaceuticals considered safe for those with celiac disease? I am finding conflicting information.AnswerMaltodextrin is a starch hydrolysate that is almost always made from corn in the US, but can also be made from wheat, potato or rice. However, even if maltodextrin is derived from

Diagnosing celiac disease after going on a gluten-free diet

Q: Could you clarify for me the different ways to test for celiac disease? If you have been GF for a while, would a biopsy then not indicate celiac disease? If you could educate me on the diagnostic tests for celiac disease AFTER you have been GF for a period

Does gluten transfer to breastmilk?

Q: My friend’s child, now over 2 and breastfeeding was just diagnosed with celiac disease. My friend would like to continue breastfeeding 2-3 times per day. Does she need to go gluten-free herself, does gluten transfer to breastmilk? AnswerAlthough gliadin has been shown to transfer to breast milk (gliadin is the

Are canker sores a symptom of celiac disease?

Q: Are canker sores a symptom of celiac disease?AnswerYes, canker sores/mouth ulcers also referred to as recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS) are common in people with celiac disease and can be a symptom of celiac disease. Canker sores are thought to be related to nutritional deficiencies (iron, folate and B12) and

Inhaling dust particles from wheat straw

Q: Is inhaling dust particles from wheat straw risky? I have a horse who has straw in his stable, which generated quite a lot of dust when mucking out. Will inhaling the dust particles from the straw cause a problem?AnswerWheat straw is usually a harvest byproduct that is left over