Is modified food starch gluten free?

Q: Is modified food starch gluten free? Answer Most of the time modified food starch is made from corn in the United States, but not always…so read labels carefully. When it comes to foods, beverages and supplements which fall under The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) then wheat has to

Is buckwheat gluten free?

Q: Is buckwheat gluten free? Answer Yes, pure buckwheat is naturally gluten free. It may sound suspicious to someone with a gluten-related condition, as it has the word “wheat” in it. However, buckwheat is not related to wheat. In fact, its grain-like seeds are not even considered a true grain,

Is wheat starch safe on a GF diet? Why can’t we have beer crafted to remove gluten?

Q: I searched and saw the post about Digiorno Pizza and wheat starch, so to clarify, since FDA declares it safe, we are good to eat it as celiac since the wheat starch was crafted to remove gluten? 2nd question... if wheat starch removes gluten is tested to under 20ppm,

Are oats safe for people with celiac disease?

Q: Are oats safe for people with celiac disease? I keep reading conflicting information. Answer Yes, the safety of oats is a confusing issue for anyone on a gluten-free diet since the recommendations are in constant flux. Oats are naturally gluten-free. However, oats have a very high risk of cross-contact

Are strawberries safe for people with celiac disease?

Q: Are strawberries safe for people with celiac disease? I have heard that strawberries are grown with rye and are not safe to eat or be picked due to the dust from the grains. Answer There are two issues that frequently come up concerning strawberry picking and consumption that cause

What is dermatitis herpetiformis?

Q:  What is dermatitis herpetiformis and is it related to celiac disease? Answer Dermatitis herpetiformis or DH is a condition associated with celiac disease that affects the skin. When someone with DH ingests gluten, an autoimmune response occurs in the skin causing intensely itchy blisters to form, usually on the

Do I have to use gluten-free skincare and body products?

Q: Do I have to use gluten-free skincare products? Answer This is the most frequently asked question that we get for “Ask the Dietitian.” In terms of skincare, it is optional but not required to use gluten-free skincare/cosmetics for those with celiac disease, as gluten cannot penetrate the skin. We recommend skincare products

Is it too late to improve my health?

Q: I will be 40 in a few weeks and just learned that my gas and bloating all these years was a result of celiac disease. I am worried that it is too late to improve my health. Answer No, it is definitely not too late! Many people get diagnosed

Negative celiac blood work when on a gluten-free diet

Q: If you have been gluten-free for 6 years after being diagnosed with celiac disease, can your blood work come back negative? Answer Yes, if you are on a gluten-free diet you ideally would want your blood work to come back at negative levels. Elevated antibodies indicate ongoing damage in

Is there gluten in corn?

Q: I have heard there is gluten in corn, is this true? Answer Corn is naturally gluten free. The protein in corn is sometimes referred to as “corn gluten” but it is not harmful to those with celiac disease. However, I recommend to always read labels carefully, and to always

Is it OK to eat gluten-free pizza from a restaurant?

Q: Is it ok to eat gluten-free pizza from a restaurant that bakes it in the same oven with regular pizza? Answer It is not safe to eat pizza that has been baked in the oven together with regular pizza if you have celiac disease. Unfortunately, restaurants seem to vary

How quickly after ingesting gluten can a reaction occur?

Q: How quickly after ingesting gluten can a reaction occur? I've always had the quick watery stool elimination reaction - however now I am very aware that it starts with pain in the lower left side of my abdomen followed my lots of belching, gas, bloating, cramping and even a

Following a gluten-free diet but still having symptoms

Q:  I was diagnosed 2 years ago and I have been on a gluten-free diet since, however I still have GI symptoms? Answer I am sorry you are still experiencing symptoms. You are definitely not alone. It is estimated that about 7-30% of people with celiac disease still have GI symptoms

Do any of the COVID-19 vaccines contain gluten?

Q. Do any of the COVID-19 vaccines contain gluten? Answer The three current COVID-19 vaccines that have received emergency use authorization from the FDA (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Janssen from Johnson & Johnson) do not contain gluten. Here are the ingredients per the FDA Fact Sheets as of March 2021: Pfizer-BioNTech:

COVID vaccine

Q: My mom has celiac disease and is 91, can she take the vaccination against Covid? Answer From what we currently know, there does not seem to be an increased risk for adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccination for those with celiac disease. However, your mother should discuss with her doctor/healthcare

Can I eat a product that is not labeled gluten free but does not contain ingredients with gluten?

Q: If a product does not state gluten free and the ingredients do not contain gluten that I can tell; is it ok to eat? Answer In general, we recommend to only consume products that are labeled gluten-free (this does not apply to things like fresh produce, but any processed

Are natural flavorings gluten free?

Q: Do I have to worry about natural flavorings? Do they contain gluten? Answer If a food is labeled gluten-free you do not have to worry about natural flavorings, however if the food is not labeled gluten-free then you need to investigate further. The best way is to call the

Worried about child’s growth

Q:  My 2-year-old son was diagnosed with celiac disease recently, but is low on the growth chart, will he catch up on his growth? Answer Many children with celiac disease have growth and weight issues upon diagnosis. Poor growth is one of the most common symptoms of celiac disease in

Can I get glutened by cooking or smelling?

Q: Can I get glutened by smelling foods while cooking it? I know that for flour with gluten it can happen, but for food that are not flour? Is there any risk of getting glutened by cooking regular food for others? Answer No worries! Just smelling the food will not

Link between celiac disease and lactose intolerance

Q. Is celiac disease linked with lactose intolerance? Can consuming dairy products trigger your lactose intolerance does it have a link between the two? Answer Yes, people with celiac disease frequently have lactose intolerance, especially upon diagnosis. In celiac disease, an autoimmune response is triggered when gluten is ingested and

GF Meals in Prison

Q: My son has celiac disease and will be incarcerated for some time. Will he be able to get gluten-free meals in prison? Answer Celiac disease is recognized as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which is a federal law, and as such prisons and correctional facilities are

Foods for person with celiac disease and diabetes

Q: I was recently diagnosed as being pre-diabetic and cannot find any reliable information about good celiac/diabetic foods. Can you help? Answer It can be a challenge when you have pre-diabetes/diabetes in addition to celiac disease, as gluten-free foods are generally higher in starches, sugars and carbohydrates and lower in

Can I use the same oven for gluten-free foods as regular foods?

Q:  Can I use the same oven for gluten-free foods as regular foods? Answer You do not need to use a dedicated gluten-free oven, however here are some tips to prevent cross-contact: Avoid cooking gluten-containing foods and gluten-free foods together in the oven - do it separately. Make sure to

Are hand sanitizers gluten free?

Q:  Are hand sanitizers gluten-free? I am using a lot of hand sanitizer now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Do I need to worry about this? Answer Fortunately, most hand sanitizers do not contain gluten. Hand sanitizers usually contain alcohol as the active ingredient in addition to water, fragrance, glycerin, and

Labeling fermented and hydrolyzed foods

Q: How will the new labeling rule from FDA about fermented and hydrolyzed foods affect gluten-free labeling? Answer In August 2020, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a final rule to establish requirements in regard to gluten-free labeling for foods that are fermented, hydrolyzed or contain fermented or hydrolyzed

Is celiac disease hereditary?

Q: Is celiac disease hereditary? I have a sibling and an adult child who have celiac disease Answer Yes, celiac disease is a genetic disease and hereditary, so if you have a relative with the disease the risk is higher to have it. Prevalence of celiac disease: 1st degree relative

Is maltodextrin in medications safe?

Q: Is maltodextrin found in US pharmaceuticals considered safe for those with celiac disease? I am finding conflicting information. Answer Maltodextrin is a starch hydrolysate that is almost always made from corn in the US, but can also be made from wheat, potato or rice. However, even if maltodextrin is

Diagnosing celiac disease after going on a gluten-free diet

Q: Could you clarify for me the different ways to test for celiac disease? If you have been GF for a while, would a biopsy then not indicate celiac disease? If you could educate me on the diagnostic tests for celiac disease AFTER you have been GF for a period

Does gluten transfer to breastmilk?

Q: My friend’s child, now over 2 and breastfeeding was just diagnosed with celiac disease. My friend would like to continue breastfeeding 2-3 times per day. Does she need to go gluten-free herself, does gluten transfer to breastmilk? Answer Although gliadin has been shown to transfer to breast milk (gliadin is

Are canker sores a symptom of celiac disease?

Q: Are canker sores a symptom of celiac disease? Answer Yes, canker sores/mouth ulcers also referred to as recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS) are common in people with celiac disease and can be a symptom of celiac disease. Canker sores are thought to be related to nutritional deficiencies (iron, folate and

Inhaling dust particles from wheat straw

Q: Is inhaling dust particles from wheat straw risky? I have a horse who has straw in his stable, which generated quite a lot of dust when mucking out. Will inhaling the dust particles from the straw cause a problem? Answer Wheat straw is usually a harvest byproduct that is

Finding a gluten-free probiotic

Q: What is the best gluten-free probiotic to take? I was diagnosed this last February and honestly don’t know how many live bacteria I should be using on a daily basis. Answer A great way to get probiotics naturally is from cultured foods. Foods such as kefir and fermented vegetables are

Finding a dietitian

Q: My daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease last May. We removed all gluten from her diet, but would like to see a dietitian to help us. How can we find a dietitian that is knowledgeable about celiac disease? Answer Seeing a dietitian skilled in celiac disease and the gluten-free

Can coffee cause stomach issues?

Q: Hello! My mother has celiac disease and is strictly on a gluten-free diet, yet she still has some stomach issues. This week I started reading about different people and articles saying that coffee could be causing that, as some coffee's might be cross-contaminated with gluten. Is that true? I

How strict should I be if cross contamination (cross contact) doesn’t bother me?

Q: I only get very mild symptoms from ingesting gluten despite being clinically diagnosed with celiac disease. How strict should I be with my diet? Cross-contamination doesn't usually bother me symptom-wise, but am I harming my body internally by not avoiding it more consciously? Answer The severity of symptoms can

Is tea gluten-free?

Q: Is tea gluten-free? Answer Most teas come from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and are naturally gluten-free provided they do not contain any added flavorings or other ingredients. Always read the label on anything you are going to ingest, including beverages such as tea. Look for a

Understanding gluten levels

Q: Hello, I work for a frozen pizza manufacturing company. We currently process gluten-free pizzas using crusts sourced from approved suppliers. We understand the gluten level limits specified under FDA (<20 ppm) and our current gluten-free certification (<10 ppm). As we look to expand our gluten-free production capabilities. Are there


Q: Is couscous gluten-free? Answer Couscous is not gluten-free. Couscous is made from semolina which comes from durum wheat. It would not be safe for someone with celiac disease or other gluten-related disorders. I use quinoa instead of couscous in recipes/salads etc. It works very well as a replacement and

Neurological disorders

Q: What are the neurological disorders that may accompany celiac disease? Answer Neurological disorders are common among people with celiac disease (CD). They can be present at time of diagnosis or can be a complication of celiac disease over time. Neurological disorders are likely due to nutrient deficiencies as a result of

Elderberry syrup

Q: Is it safe to take an elderberry syrup supplement when you have celiac disease? Answer Elderberry strengthens the immune system which could potentially be a problem for people with autoimmune diseases such as celiac disease. Always ask your doctor before using any supplements that stimulate the immune system because

Gluten-Free School Meals During COVID-19

Q: Are schools required to provide GF meals during the COVID-19 pandemic? Answer The USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) has enabled the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) and National School Lunch Program Seamless Summer Option (SSO) across all 50 states, as well as DC, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the

GF Hospital Food

Q: Do you have any suggestions for me to get GF food while I am in the hospital? Answer Hospitals are required to provide you with gluten-free (GF) foods during your stay. Celiac disease (CD) is considered a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and as such they

Checking if supplements are gluten-free

Q: Do I need to check that my supplements are gluten-free? Answer Yes, you should always check the gluten-free (GF) status of anything you are ingesting and that includes supplements. Gluten may be used as a binder or filler in supplements. Always make sure that the supplement is labeled GF.

What to eat after being glutened

Q: What are the best foods to eat after being "glutened"? Answer Getting exposed to gluten is no fun and can happen to any of us despite our best efforts. Unfortunately, there is not much one can do once gluten has accidentally been ingested, but here are some tips that

Weight gain

Q: Why do I weigh more since going gluten-free? Answer A side-effect of going on the gluten-free (GF) diet is sometimes weight gain. It could be due to several things: You are absorbing more nutrients and calories due to the fact that your small intestine has healed - which is

Playing on wheat straw

Q:  I recently became aware that my child's after school program used wheat straw in their outdoor play area. I doubt parents think of straw as a problem in the outdoor environment. I did not see much on the internet about this type of exposure. I'm guessing many parents would


Q: Is maltodextrin really gluten-free? Answer Maltodextrin can sound scary if you are on a gluten-free diet, because it sounds like it would be made from barley malt. However, it does not contain barley. Maltodextrin is a type of partially hydrolyzed starch that is often used as a thickener in

Assisted Living Facilities and GF Meals

Q: What is the best approach to take in regard to the gluten-free diet in considering a move to an assisted living facility?  Many offer a meal plan and that can be a problem for a person with celiac disease. So many will respond "oh our chef is really great

Is caraway the same as rye?

Q: Is caraway the same as rye? Answer Caraway/caraway seed is naturally gluten-free. It belongs to the same family as fennel and dill. Caraway seed is often used as a spice in rye bread, but is not related to rye and is safe for people with celiac disease. Just make

Eating GF when traveling abroad

Q: I'll be traveling abroad three times in the next year and while I'm excited, I feel worried about food availability while traveling. I really don't want to get sick while in a foreign country. Do you have any tips for traveling with celiac disease? Answer Traveling while staying gluten-free

Managing anxiety around eating new foods

Q: I've been experiencing increased anxiety around eating new foods and at new restaurants. Do you have any tips for being able to manage this? It is starting to affect my general happiness and my ability to participate in social situations. Answer Eating out can be very anxiety provoking when

List of GF foods

Q: Do you have any lists or publications available that I can use to look up gluten-free status of foods? Answer We do not recommend relying on lists or publications for gluten-free status as manufacturers can change the ingredients in a product at any time and a list may not

Serving beer in a GF kitchen

Q: How does serving beer in a gluten-free kitchen work? Would washing the beer glasses in our dishwasher contaminate the water with gluten thus dirtying the rest of our glasses/plates? Answer Washing the glasses or other dishes in the dishwasher should be fine, just make sure to rinse all glasses/dishes

Autolyzed yeast extract and Brewer’s yeast

Q: Can you tell me if autolyzed yeast extract contains gluten? I have also heard that Brewer’s yeast does. Thank you. Answer Autolyzed yeast extract and yeast extract may contain gluten from barley. You should always check with the manufacturer about the gluten-free status of the product if it lists

Tests for celiac disease

Q: What are the current standard tests to diagnose celiac disease? Answer Celiac disease (CD) is diagnosed by evaluating symptoms, conducting blood tests and a small intestinal endoscopy (biopsy). People with CD can have many different symptoms or no symptoms at all, up to 200 symptoms are associated with CD,

Gluten allergy

Q:  Is "gluten allergy" the correct term to use in regards to having celiac disease? Thank you. Answer Celiac disease (CD) is not an allergy but an autoimmune disease. People with CD have an autoimmune reaction involving IgA antibodies when gluten is ingested. An allergy is different and involves a

Manufactured in shared facility

Q:  I just bought a product labeled gluten-free but it has this statement: "this product was manufactured in a plant that also processes wheat products.” I am very confused, is it still ok to eat? Answer A lot of manufacturers put these advisory statements on their products and this can


Q: I've been reading a lot about plastic straws being swapped out for wheat/pasta/gluten-containing straws. Are most non-plastic straws made from a wheat ingredient? Being a celiac, is this one more thing we need to be aware of when dining out? Answer As we have become more aware of the

Do I need to check that my medication is gluten free?

Q: Do I need to check that my medication is gluten-free? Answer You should always check anything you are ingesting, that includes medications. Gluten may be used as a binder or filler in medications, although this is rare according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).1 However, you should always

Tolerating beans

Q: I just switched to a plant-based diet and I am having a hard time tolerating beans is this normal? Answer It is quite common to react to beans and high quantities of fiber when first introduced. It is best to introduce high fiber foods like beans gradually. Beans contain indigestible

Are soy products ok?

Q:  Are soy products ok to eat when you have celiac disease? Answer Soy is naturally gluten-free but some soy products contain other gluten-containing ingredients. Soy and soy products are fine to consume as long as they are gluten-free and providing you do not have a soy sensitivity or allergy.

Is vinegar gluten free?

Q:  Is vinegar gluten-free? Answer Most vinegars are gluten-free. Some examples of gluten-free vinegars include: Apple cider vinegar Distilled vinegar/grain vinegar/spirit vinegar/white vinegar Balsamic vinegar Wine vinegar/grape vinegar Note that plain distilled vinegars are gluten-free even when made from gluten-containing grains. Gluten is removed during the distillation process rendering the

Non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) or non-celiac wheat sensitivity (NCWS)

Q: Can you address non celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS)? How is it diagnosed? What are the symptoms of NCGS?  What are possible complications with NCGS vs celiac disease? What is the treatment? Answer Non-celiac gluten sensitivity, also called non-celiac wheat sensitivity (NCWS) is a much-debated, poorly understood, and intensely researched

Why can I NOT tolerate GF oats?

Q: Why can I NOT tolerate GF oats?  The reaction I have is not as severe like when I've inadvertently gotten into gluten in the past but I still react w/mild GI symptoms.  Mainly gas and bloating.  I REALLY miss eating oats and they are not considered an allergen so

Are canned vegetables, fruits & juices gluten-free?

Q: Are canned vegetables, fruits & juices gluten-free? Answer Most plain canned vegetables, fruits and juices are safe. Canned fruits, veggies and juices sometimes have added ingredients and have been somewhat processed. Always read the ingredient label carefully. It can also be helpful to look any allergen statement. Fresh whole

Do baking ingredients need to be labeled GF?

Q: I’ve seen recipes with gluten-free vanilla and gluten-free baking powder and gluten-free confectionary sugar. Do these products or some brands contain gluten? Thanks. Answer The risk with some baking powders and confectionary sugars is that they may contain wheat starch or wheat flour. Make sure to always read all

Can a chef with celiac disease taste food he cooks with gluten?

Q: Hi! My partner is a chef with celiac disease. Is it ok if he follows a gluten-free diet but still tastes the food? (very small amount of food containing gluten) I just want to know how risky it is. Answer Following a strict gluten-free diet free of cross-contact is

Support for a low FODMAP diet

Q: I have celiac disease and follow the gluten-free diet. I also have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Where can I find online support for following the Low FODMAP diet? Answer First, a very brief review of the Low FODMAP Diet:  Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can be a co-existing disorder found

Electric food smokers

Q: Are electric meat smokers safe for celiac patients? We have learned charcoal and propane may not be safe. Electric smoker uses and electric element similar to an electric oven with woods skips for the smoke taste. Answer The issue with charcoal is if you use briquettes, as they may contain wheat starch.

Reducing salt and sugar in gluten-free foods

Q: Gluten-free food has too much salt and sugar, any suggestions? Answer Yes, it is true that gluten-free processed foods often have higher salt and sugar content than their regular counterparts. The food industry loves to add those in to increase the palatability of the food. Here are some things

Dietary supplements to help with hair loss

Q: Are there dietary supplements to help with hair loss? I have been gluten-free for decades, but in the last 3 years or so am experiencing significant scalp hair loss. Answer Hair loss can be due to multiple causes, below are the most common ones: Sudden weight loss Decreased protein

Interpreting a high IgG and negative IgA test result

Q: If someone [with celiac disease] has a positive (high) IGG result and a negative IGA result what does that mean? Answer In short, not much. To answer this question, let’s assume that the question is referring to the IgG antigliadin antibody (IgG-AGA) and the IgA antigliadin antibody (IgA-AGA) tests. 

Confusion about food labeling

Q: I am so confused about food labeling. Is it ok to consume something that just says gluten free and therefore being under 20ppm? Are we supposed to buy just strictly certified gluten free products? Answer Food labeling can definitely be confusing when it comes to determining if a food

How to gain weight

Q: I have celiac disease and I desperately need to gain weight. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Answer If you are struggling to gain weight, make sure you follow up with your gastroenterologist or doctor to monitor your celiac disease, as weight loss/poor weight gain can be a sign of malabsorption

Ancestry type testing for celiac genes

Q:  My daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease by biopsy over 20 years ago with symptoms that resolved on a gluten-free diet. She recently found out through one of the “ancestry-type” site’s testing that she doesn’t even have the gene for celiac disease. How can this be? She’s now trying

Follow up care

Q: I have a confirmed diagnosis of celiac disease (CD). Do I need to see a gastroenterologist (GI doctor) for ongoing follow-up or can I just see my primary care provider regularly? Answer It is not clear from the research who should monitor the follow-up of patients with CD and

Silent celiac disease

Q: What is silent celiac disease? Answer In 2013 a multidisciplinary task force of 16 physicians from seven countries published an article evaluating the numerous celiac disease (CD) related terms that exist in the literature.  The team determined that “silent CD” is equivalent to “asymptomatic CD.”  Use of the term

Bone broth

Q: I am reading about bone broth and its touted benefits for people with celiac disease. Do you recommend it and how should I take it? Answer There has been a lot of hype about bone broth in recent years. However, at this time there is very limited research available

Confused about oats

Q: I have read both your & Gluten Free Watchdog’s statements on GF oats, purity protocols, testing methods, etc. My question is, if the product they are in is Certified Gluten Free, then do I really need to worry about what process was used? Because regardless, in the US, doesn’t

Crumbly foods

Q: Should I ask my family and friends not to bring crumbly cookies, bars and crackers to gatherings at our house? I feel as if the longer I am gluten free, the more sensitive I have become. Twice in the last couple of months, people have brought very, very crumbly

Is there a cure for celiac disease?

Q: Is celiac disease curable by medicine? Answer There is currently no medication available to cure celiac disease. The only treatment available to manage celiac disease is a strict gluten-free diet. However, there are several medications that are being studied for celiac disease that may become available in the future:

Following GF diet but feeling unwell

Q: What should I do if I have confirmed celiac disease and follow a strict gluten-free diet but am still unwell? Answer There are several reasons why a person with celiac disease might have symptoms despite following a gluten-free diet. The first one is the most common – either accidental

Appointments with a registered dietitian

Q: How frequently should I see a registered dietitian? And why? Answer If you are diagnosed with celiac disease, both the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the National Institute of Health recommend consults with a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) skilled in celiac disease.1,2 The NIH recommends continuous long-term follow-up

Airborne gluten

Q: Can a person with celiac disease have symptoms from airborne gluten? I was volunteering at a food pantry, I was putting bagels, cookies muffins into individual bags. I did have plastic gloves on, but today I was having some celiac symptoms. Answer Gluten has to get into the GI

Wheat grass juice and barley grass in supplements

Q: 1. Is wheatgrass juice safe for people with celiac disease? 2. I bought a probiotic (pill form) at Sprouts Grocery. The front of bottle said “Gluten Free,” but when I read the ingredients in the back, it said contained barley grass. I have celiac disease and am very sensitive

Celiac genes

Q: If a person does not have the celiac genes, can celiac disease be ruled out? Answer The short answer is yes, celiac disease can be ruled out >99.0% of the time in this case.1 Negative tests for both HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8 genes make celiac disease highly unlikely. Here’s why:


Q: Do you have any patients reacting to quinoa? Is quinoa consumption totally safe for celiac and for non-celiac gluten sensitivity patients? How would you approach a case where a patient is complaining about quinoa? Answer Yes, I do have some patients who do not tolerate quinoa. A couple of

Blood tests and supplements

Q: Should I get some kind of vitamin blood test done yearly? What type of supplements or vitamins should I be taking? My doctor just says to stay on a gluten-free diet. Answer It’s true that the only proven treatment for celiac disease is a life-long gluten-free diet. But you

Looking for GF toiletries

Q: I am looking for body lotions and hair spray, shampoos, conditioners and mousse that are gluten free. Can you help me? Answer This question comes up a lot in clinic so it bears repeating here. I encourage you to read the Q & A for a review of cosmetics

Arsenic in brown rice

Q: I have read that there is arsenic in brown rice. What about brown rice flour? As a celiac, brown rice and/or brown rice flour are consumed daily. Advice or any recommendations? Answer First, a little background: Arsenic is an element found in soil, water, and air. It is odorless

Alopecia areata

Q: Is there any relation between alopecia areata (AA) and celiac disease? Is it one of the symptoms of celiac disease, or is it affected by celiac disease? Answer “Alopecia areata (AA) is a common autoimmune disease that causes hair loss on the scalp, face, and sometimes other body areas

Gastroenterologists who specialize in celiac disease

Q: Is there a state by state register that lists gastroenterologists who specialize in celiac disease? Answer A few of the national support/advocacy groups and organizations maintain links to listings of clinicians specializing in gluten-related disorders. Beyond Celiac. Find a Doctor. Beyond Celiac partners with Amino and uses their doctor-finder

Do I have to avoid dairy products?

Q:  If you have celiac disease do you also have to avoid dairy products? Answer The short answer is “Likely, no.” In untreated celiac disease, the lining of the small intestine (microvilli) is damaged by the ingestion of gluten. The enzymes (lactase) on the tips of the villi are responsible

Finding GF items with less sugar

Q: When I buy packaged gluten-free cookies or other dessert items, I find they have too much sugar. How can I find gluten-free items with less sugar? Answer Before we start, just a quick reminder that “natural sugars” and “added sugars” are very different from one another. Natural sugars are

Tests Following a celiac diagnosis?

Q: Can you review which tests are important to have following a celiac diagnosis?  Should my doctor be checking Vitamins K, D and any others? Answer The following applies to labs for adults with celiac disease treated at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s (BIDMC) Celiac Center. There actually aren’t any

Making sure you are not getting any gluten

Q: My wife has celiac disease. How can she check to make sure she's not getting any gluten? Should she do a blood test? She hasn't had one in about 5 years. Also, how often should she be seeing her gastroenterologist? Answer Answer: There are several ways to monitor how

What does “weak positive” IgG test mean?

Q: I have celiac disease. I am a symptom-free celiac. I just had a blood test and my IgG is 6. It says "weak positive." What does that mean to me? Am I getting gluten in my diet? Please help. My doctor knows very little about it. Answer The IgG

Gluten-Free dining out while traveling to Italy?

Q: We have a trip to Italy planned in a few months with a group and many prearranged meals. I am just now embarking on a gluten free diet on the suggestion of my doctor. I am wondering how to navigate in this new food arena? Answer Italy has a

Is Zithromax gluten-free?

Q: Is Zithromax gluten-free? I can't get a clear answer on this. lists it as gluten-free but my pharmacist says there may be small amounts or traces of gluten in suspension. Answer I contacted Dr. Steve Plogsted, expert celiac pharmacist and owner of the website, to answer this

Do wheat grass and barley grass contain gluten?

Q: Do wheat grass and barley grass contain gluten? I always assumed they did because of their names. However, I have read online that the grasses do not have any gluten and are safe for celiacs. I have purchased Orgain superfoods protein powder that says on the label "gluten-free" but

Non-organic farm raised meat

Q: If I eat meat/poultry/fish (non-organic/farm raised), would this trigger celiac disease? Answer To date, we understand that three components are needed for someone to present with celiac disease – a genetic predisposition (having one or both of the HLA-DQ2 or HLA-DQ8 genes), being exposed to gluten (which happens when

Is alcohol made from grain safe for people with celiac disease?

Q: I recently purchased a Nima gluten tester. However, it says on the package that it cannot be used to test products with alcohol. I purchased Anthimmune organic elderberry syrup from Maine Medicinals, Inc.. It says gluten-free on the package but it contains up to 5% grain alcohol. When I

Can I eat a lot of ice cream?

Q: Can I eat a lot of ice cream? I like ice cream. Answer It’s not a great idea to eat a LOT of anything, especially a food so notorious for its sugar and fat content.What else can we consider when making this personal decision about eating ice cream?Has the

Are products “processed in a facility that also processes wheat” safe?

Q: As you probably know, almost all packages of tree nuts now come with the disclaimer "processed in a facility that also processes wheat". It is never followed by that wonderfully reassuring statement that careful manufacturing practices are followed. For some reason I am finding myself reluctant to purchase, use

Is it OK to be relaxed about the GF diet?

Q: A recent study states that hypervigilance to a gluten-free diet decreases your quality of life. Some people seem to think that it is OK to be more relaxed about following the GF diet. What is your advice? Answer The gluten-free diet is the only known treatment for celiac disease.

Are there certified gluten-free beans and other grains?

I am concerned regarding beans and other grains being contaminated with gluten-containing grains. How can I be secure that I won't get glutened? Are there any certified gf grains, either dried or canned? Do I need to worry about quinoa, teff, ground cornmeal, etc.? I miss having these powerhouses in

Relation between celiac disease and thyroid problems?