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Do you have unanswered general nutrition questions about the gluten-free diet and lifestyle? NCA now has a team of experts who are happy to answer your general questions about celiac disease. This month, Bronwyn Hamilton, MD, Physician, Professor of Radiology and celiac disease patient from Portland, Oregon provides answers.This month's

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Measuring serum zonulin, researchers investigated how intestinal permeability changes prior to celiac disease autoimmunity. They also analyzed how environmental factors such as infections and antibiotics affect levels of zonulin. Read the Pediatrics article or watch this video abstract:Researchers conducted a meta-analysis exploring the correlation between anti-tTG antibody levels and the

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Upcoming Featured EventsJoin the Denver Celiac Support Group at the Colorado Avalanche game against the LA Kings on January 26th. Click here for more information. Gluten Free Winter Markets: Join Denver Celiacs for their Winter Markets in Aurora, CO. Click here for more information.What's Happening Near You?Find an Event: Please visit our

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Register for these upcoming webinars:Quality of life (QOL) in celiac disease. What are the factors contributing to QOL and how can we do a better job? The Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University will present this webinar on January 12th from 10 am - 12 pm ET. Click here to

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Explore some of NCA's most popular resources:Going Gluten-Free: Off to a Fresh Start! This informative video presentation covers celiac disease & other gluten-related conditions - symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, complications, the gluten-free diet - foods allowed/not allowed, oats, hidden sources of gluten, reading labels and product research, lifestyle changes - emotional challenges, sharing

Support the ADINA Act to label gluten in medicine!

On 6/21/23, Representatives Mike Gallagher (R-WI), Dean Phillips (D-MN), Mike Lawler (R-NY), and Mike Sherrill (D-NJ) introduced the bipartisan Allergen Disclosure In Non-Food Articles (ADINA) Act. Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT) introduced a companion in the Senate.H.R.4263 and S.2079 - The Allergen Disclosure In Non-Food Articles (ADINA) Act; To amend the

Support the Food Labeling Modernization Act to label gluten!

The Food Labeling Modernization Act (FLMA) of 2023 was introduced on April 26, 2023 by House Energy and Commerce Committee Ranking Member Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) and Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT).  Read the press release here. Click here to view H.R. 2901. Click here to view S. 1289.  Pertinent to

Support the Medical Nutrition Therapy Act of 2023

On November 14, 2023, Representative Robin L. Kelly (D-IL) and Representative Jennifer A. Kiggans (R-VA) introduced the Medical Nutrition Therapy Act of 2023 to the House, while Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) and Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) introduced it to the Senate. Under the proposed bill, coverage for medical nutrition therapy