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Do you have unanswered general nutrition questions about the gluten-free diet and lifestyle? Our dietitians are happy to answer your general nutrition questions about celiac disease. Please submit questions that are applicable to a general gluten-free audience. We regret that personal clinical questions (medical history, labs, supplements, etc.) cannot be addressed. Time

Participate in a clinical trial

A new clinical trial is being conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.This study is being done in patients with celiac disease to find markers in the blood and changes in the intestine in response to gluten exposure, after a patient has been eating gluten free

Staying Safe in a Disaster

Our thoughts are with people along the Eastern Coast of the country as Hurricane Florence approaches. If you need to eat gluten-free it is extra important to be prepared in case of a disaster. Read our advice. This disaster preparedness article is from the Winter 2018 issue of Gluten-Free Nation

Happy Birthday to NCA!

It is our 25th Birthday! Since 1993, we have been supporting, educating and advocating for those with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. To celebrate, we are giving *you* gifts! One lucky member will have an extra year added to his or her NCA membership on the 25th day of

Product Recalls and Alerts

Chicken Tortilla Soup from Blout Fine FoodsBlount Fine Foods has recalled Chicken Tortilla Soup products due to misbranding and an undeclared allergen. The products contain wheat, a known allergen, which is not declared on the product label.  Some of the product labeled as Chicken Tortilla Soup may actually contain Southwest

Celiac Support Groups

Here at NCA, we are proud to say that we offer an extensive and growing network of people across the nation who are willing and waiting to help you live day-to-day with your diagnosis. See our website for ways to help, or to find support. NCA recognizes three types of
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Celiac Disease & Gluten-Free in the News

Lots of news came out of Digestive Disease Week, but the one topic that seems to be generating the most interest is about AMG714. Learn about this in this article: Experimental drug eases effects of gluten for celiac patients on gluten-free diet.  More articles about AMG714 may be found on MedScape or American Council on

NCA at GF College Food Service Conference

NCA attended the Gluten-Free & Allergy-Friendly College Food Service Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in May. Our Executive Director Lee Graham took to the stage with two college students with celiac disease to talk about NCA’s 2016 survey and provide the student perspective.The conference was very insightful. A key point was

Activities Around the Nation

The National Celiac ConferenceThe National Celiac Conference: Facing Facts on Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity, will be held on November 10-11, 2018 in Norwood, MA, just outside of Boston. Hope you can attend this 1 1/2 day event we are planning with the Harvard Medical School Celiac Research Program. The National

Webinars, Videos and Podcasts

Watch Melinda Dennis, RD, LDN answer Is it Gluten-Free or Not? in this video. The Celiac Podcast has a new episode on traveling to San Francisco. Dr. Joseph Murray gives a summary from DDW in this video. Also from DDW, watch a discussion about AMG714 with Dr. Leon and Dr.

Download or Win a Book

The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center offers an electronic book, Essentials of Celiac Disease and the Gluten-Free Diet, as a downloadable resource. It is also available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or iTunes. Win a New CookbookWe were given two copies of True Roots by Kristin Cavallari to share with you. The

GF Blogger Dinner

See the photos from a special evening at Burtons Grill filled with delicious GF menu options, custom food and cocktail recipes. Kudos to Denise Herrera, VP Operations, and Ashley Allen, Brand Ambassador! Conversation flowed with leaders in the GF field and bloggers from Boston to the north shore to exchange
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Product Finds

This article talks about new GF products including shepherd's or cottage pies, coconut cluster snacks, flax chocolate cake and granola. GF Philly lists some new product finds, including Funnel Cake snack balls. Read about the use of seaweed or cricket flour to make GF snacks here.A member reported that a friend

Recipe of the Month: Strawberry Eton Mess

Fresh strawberries are almost in season here now. Try this delicious recipe for Strawberry Eton Mess this month. It is delicious, fun to make, and looks so pretty on the table. If you try any of our recipes, let us know what you think! Want to share a favorite recipe? Submit it