Call to Action: Comment on FDA’s Temporary Policy

The FDA recently issued temporary guidance which allows manufacturers to substitute certain ingredients without changing the labeling.  On behalf of several organizations, including NCA, GF Watchdog penned this letter to the FDA expressing our concern and urging the FDA to modify this guidance.For more information, visit GF Watchdog's page fully

Ask the Dietitian

Do you have unanswered general nutrition questions about the gluten-free diet and lifestyle? Our dietitians are happy to answer your general nutrition questions about celiac disease. Please submit questions that are applicable to a general gluten-free audience. We regret that personal clinical questions (medical history, labs, supplements, etc.) cannot be addressed. Time

Recalls and Alerts

The FDA recently announced some temporary flexibility in product labeling. You can read about this here with all details here.  Gluten Free Watchdog addresses questions and shares concerns here. This Food Fraud is Real article includes a section on foods that are labeled gluten-free but contain gluten. Here is an update

Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free in the News

Maureen Leonard, MD, MMSc, answers the question Can Celiac Disease Affect Life Expectancy? on the Harvard Medical School blog. The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center released these Tips for Staying Gluten-Free Amid Coronavirus. 9 Meters Biopharma, Inc. has received Thorough QT Study Waiver for Larazotide. This pilot study looked

Giving Gluten-Free Update

NCA has uncovered an extreme lack of GF food in many food pantries across the US with COVID-19. NCA has been receiving increased requests for GF food assistance. Giving Gluten-Free is our pilot initiative to help get GF food to people who need it across the US by connecting GF

Webinars and Videos

If you missed the Canadian Celiac Conference last month, you can watch it here!Here are some GF Diet Tips from the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center:Here is some information about CD Nutrition Management from the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center.Listen to this interview with Dr. Vijaya Rao, celiac