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Explore some of NCA's most popular resources:Going Gluten-Free: Off to a Fresh Start! This informative video presentation covers celiac disease & other gluten-related conditions - symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, complications, the gluten-free diet - foods allowed/not allowed, oats, hidden sources of gluten, reading labels and product research, lifestyle changes - emotional challenges, sharing

May is celiac awareness month!

Special content on social media throughout the month of May!Be sure to tune in to all of our social media accounts (find the links in the top right corner of this page) for extra content to help raise awareness! Throughout the month, we will be sharing advocacy tips and education.

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Time to CelebrateWhether celebrating a special occasion or just enjoying quality time with friends, tasty, nutritious gluten-free appetizers make any gathering more memorable. Fancy, French (and festive!) names for appetizers include canapes, hors d’oeuvres, and amuse-bouche. They’re all similar ways to describe a small portion of food eaten before a

Celiac Disease and Gluten Free in the News

Here is more information on oats, a retrospective data analysis from Gluten-Free Watchdog.The Food Labeling Modernization Act of 2023 was introduced on April 26, 2023. This bill would amend FALPCA (Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act) to require that food product packaging disclose all gluten-containing grains. Click here to read

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This Month's Featured EventsThere are a lot of events this month, both in person and virtual. Visit the Events Page to learn about them all! Here are just a few of the highlights:Distillery Tour (Nashville, TN): The Vanderbilt University Medical Center Celiac Disease Clinic invites you to a patient support

Legacy Giving

A legacy gift or bequest is a lasting investment in the National Celiac Association, advancing our mission and ensuring our ability to provide education, advocacy, and support for people with celiac disease, their families, and their community as we have for 30 years.If you would like to learn more about