Specialized GF food products (such as bread and pasta) are often much more expensive than the gluten-containing equivalent. This means that for some individuals and families a medical diagnosis requiring a GF diet can lead to a severe strain on financial resources. Specialized GF food is rarely available at food pantries, leaving few options for getting affordable, safe hunger relief.

What is the Gluten-Free Food Bank?

The Gluten-Free Food Bank is a division of the National Celiac Association. Our primary focus includes soliciting food donations and financial support to:

  • Provide education related to the needs of financially vulnerable individuals with a medical requirement to eat gluten-free (GF).
  • Advocate for the provision of GF food assistance for individuals struggling to afford their medically necessary GF diet.
  • Distribute GF food staples to partner food pantries in Massachusetts.
  • Where possible, help other individuals connect with local food assistance resources.
We primarily rely on donated food items and therefore our ability to distribute food is dependent on our current level of donations.
“My nine year old daughter… was recently diagnosed with Celiac. The prices are so expensive for these products. We are a family of 5 and shopping for 2 different lists is tough and costly.” Gluten-Free Foodbank Client

Partner Food Pantries

View the current list of partner pantries.

Ways to Help

From donations to volunteering, you can make a difference for people in need of GF food assistance.

Ways to Help


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“Being able to afford safe, gluten-free food is a challenge for many people with celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders. By providing safe food through the Gluten-Free Foodbank, NCA is providing a vital service to less fortunate members of our celiac community, which is well worth our support.”Susie Flaherty, Center for Celiac Research and Treatment, MGH for Children

Connect with Us

Mailing Address:
The Gluten Free Food Bank
20 Pickering St
Needham, MA 02492
Shipping address provided upon request

Email: glutenfreefoodbank@nationalceliac.org

Spread the Word

Print, post and share this informative Gluten-Free Food Bank PDF flyer to raise community awareness.

GF Food Assistance Guide

Download the guide for food assistance organizations to learn about providing GF food to those in need.